Thriving Magazine, September 2022, Issue 15

With Every Little Decision You Make, Take Care

My son recently graduated from college and is working at his first full-time job. He decided to live with me and his dad, after realizing he could save far more money staying at home. His goal is to purchase a home in Virginia Beach. Will that happen tomorrow? Nope. Next year? Maybe. The point being that he is actively investing in his future self every single week when he puts the majority of his paycheck into the stock market. And while financial investment is important, there is another investment that is even more critical for every human — investment in your body! The health of your body is an asset worthy of daily investment. Read that sentence again (maybe twice) and internalize that message! Unfortunately we often forget, or de-prioritize self-care. What does self-care look like? Of course, we know of traditional things like massage, meditation and music. But self-care is woven into literally hundreds of little decisions you make every single day. Every time you choose to momentarily stand up and move your body during the business day is self-care. Choosing water over a sugary soda is self- care. Making a meal at home instead of eating fast food is self care. Two of the greatest influences on your health are the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. Every single food and drink choice you make contributes to your overall health. When choosing your food and drink, frame your choices with the criteria of, "What will best serve my body to maintain optimal function?" as opposed to opting for simply what tastes good at the moment. Self-care can also be easily incorporated into your

lifestyle with other small decisions. Choose to go outside for a minute or two of sunlight and movement in between meetings. Squeeze a little lemon into your water bottle to give that water some zip. Or simply look in the mirror and smile at yourself in the morning. Self-care is in the way you live your life.

You have lots of little opportunities every day to help your body function better. Try an extra one or two today and see how you feel!

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