King's Business - 1921-07

Invest Your Influence!

(Money Is Not the Only Thing to Invest)

YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER or reader of The King’s Business. YOU HAVE BEEN HELPED by its message.

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HUNDREDS of people write us of the help received. OFTEN ONE COPY has revolutionized a life. WHY NOT help some­ one else? USE YOUR INFLUENCE to get SUBSCRIBERS Make it a labor of love for the Master. You will never know perhaps what will eventuate from SECURING ONE SUBSCRIBER It’s Not Your Money—It’s YOU We Want YOUR TESTIMONY will secure others. It costs subscribers LESS THAN 2 CENTS A WEEK STOP RIGHT HERE AND PRAY ABOUT IT! You can be a blessing to others by using your influence. THE KING’S BUSINESS is published at a loss in cash but it is a great investment for God. If you are willing to help others with your influence sign the slip attached and mail to us and we will send you some helpful suggestions on How to Use Your (Not Money) INFLUENCE.

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