NAWIC Today Sept.-Oct.

“Find a mentor to encourage you and hold you accountable. A good mentor is able to see your worth and your potential and help you get where you want to be,” she explains.

But there’s also some sweat equity. Jennifer encourages women to actively seek and gather knowledge about the field. “There are tools available everywhere these days. Take online classes, look for ways to learn and get certifications. Don’t let anything stop you. Keep reminding yourself that you really want to do this and you’re capable of getting there,” she says. In her experience, you’re likely to find help along the way, even if there are rough patches. And having a ready-made support system with NAWIC offers you a natural place to turn for encouragement and guidance. Jennifer is excited about working in construction technology. “I see so much potential for women in this industry. So much progress has been made and there’s so much more to come. We collectively have a great deal to offer, whether it’s working in construction tech, as a project manager or a skilled tradesperson,“ says Jennifer. “I see women as the future in construction!”

Arcoro builds HR technology designed for construction. Our modular solution means companies can solve for their specific challenges with software that offers the best experience in the office and the field.

NAWIC members are eligible for 10% off software fees for Arcoro HR modules or ExakTime as new customers.

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