NAWIC Today Sept.-Oct.

The Chambers Field Runway 10-28 repair project wasa high profile, fast-tracked project that took place from March 2021 to July 2021 on Naval Station Norfolk.

Chambers Field Runway involved the complete resurfacing of the 200 feet wide, 6500 feet long runway with 3–6” of variable depth P401 asphalt, as well as returning 94,000 square yards of paved surfaces to pervious green area for environmental improvement and upgrading the ILS (Instrument Landing System), airfield lighting and signage. As the prime contractor, Branscome was responsible for the complete site package including support for the ILS system with micropile foundations, demolition and re-grading of the existing runway by UTS milling, repairing the existing concrete and asphalt, placing a surface treatment on the runway subgrade, paving and pavement marking of the new runway and new electrical duct banks. The runway consisted of 39,000 tons of asphalt using three different mix designs and 176,000 square yards of milling which varied in thickness from 3-8 inches. The infield area involved and additional 94,000 square yards of milling which varied in thickness from 6-48 inches.

The runway, over a mile in length, was ready for military aircraft operations July 19, 2021.


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