2022_NCWM Newsletter, Issue #3

Look for Upcoming Changes to Publications


At the NCWM Annual Meeting this summer, NIST OWM Chief Dr. Katrice Lippa and NCWM Executive Director Don Onwiler announced some changes in publications coming in the next year. NIST has published the NCWM Annual Reports since its first meeting in 1905. The reports provide a historical record of the business and a valuable resource for understanding the deliberations leading to the adoption and evolution of the NCWM standards published by NIST in Handbooks 44, 130 and 133. NIST has asked NCWM to assume responsibility for publishing the NCWM Annual Reports from now on. This will allow Dr. Lippa’s team in the Office of Weights and Measures to focus on a new Special Pub - lication that summarizes their annual activities in U.S. legal metrology. Their goal is to release the first of this new publication this fall. NIST has already published a combined report of the 2020 and 2021 An- nual Meetings. NCWM will republish the reports of those Annual Meet- ings as separate reports for each year. NCWM and NIST have worked together to make this a smooth transition in publication responsibilities and both organizations will maintain accessible copies of the reports. NCWM is also developing new Inspector Field Training Manuals. The first on Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers is available for download under the Inspector Field Training Manuals tab at https://www.ncwm.com/training . A second is under development for Retail Computing Scales.Both, NIST and NCWM are excited for these new developments in publications and look forward to introducing them to you soon!


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2022 Issue 3

2022 Issue 3

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