City Lights October

October, 2019

DeSoto City Lights

A Publication of the City of DeSoto Communications Department

It used to be that the public library was a place that you went to when you needed peace and quiet or  wanted to be leŌ alone.  But here in DeSoto, Ɵmes have really changed.  A recent comparison of the  DeSoto Public Library’s (DPL) key figures found that 72% more residents have been visiƟng the library  over the past 6 years, that circulaƟon has more than doubled, and that Internet usage is up by 57%.  Rather than being a place to get away from it all, the DeSoto Public Library has become one of city’s  newest centers of acƟvity.    “A library can be an imposing structure with all of the books in the world in it, but what good does that  do if people don’t use it?,” noted DeSoto’s Mayor CurƟsene S. McCowan. “Fortunately, in DeSoto, our  library has become a focal point of our community and is constantly a beehive of acƟvity. That is why I  am heartened to see the dramaƟc increase of residents who visit our library and regularly enjoy its  many services."  DeSoto Library’s turnaround coincided with the arrival of Kerry McGeath who became the new  Managing Director of Library Services in 2014.  Kerry has received numerous recogniƟons for his  operaƟonal skills, but the first 25 years of his career was spent on the retail side of the book industry.   Kerry has successfully used many of the skills developed through his retail experience, along with his  knowledge of industry best pracƟces, to aƩract more residents.    LIBRARY BECOMES DESOTO’S NEWEST DESTINATION OF CHOICE 72%More Visitors and Circulation Doubles In Just 6 Years By Matt Smith, Communications Manager, City of DeSoto

“I knew that our library system was growing in popularity, but I had no idea just how much our library had become an epicenter of our  city unƟl I saw the numbers,” observed Mayor McCowan. “And one of the biggest reasons for the success of our system is Managing  Director McGeath and the extremely talented and dedicated team that he has assembled!”  McGeath is the first to admit that the turnaround could not have taken place without the strong support of the Mayor, Council and Senior  City Management.  He is also most appreciaƟve of their willingness to let him and his team to be creaƟve and to think and operate slightly  “out‐of‐the‐ box.”   “I have always bristled at the concept of a library being a cold and uninviƟng place and have made it a point to always keep things  interesƟng, to constantly give our residents new reasons to visit, and to provide them with the types of programs and service that they’ll  appreciate and remember.”   This change likely contributed to the 903% increase in the DPL’s programs and outreach.  Some of the most memorable events held in  recent months include late April’s 2019 Everything Teen Expo that drew more 6,200 enthusiasƟc teens, a Juneteenth commemoraƟon  that aƩracted an overflow crowd and their Sewing and Fashion Boot Camp which showcased the design and sewing skills of some of  DeSoto’s most talented teen designers.   And there are more great events just around the corner.  To find out which ones you might be interested in, check back frequently on the  DeSoto Public Library’s Home Page (hƩp://, on their Facebook Page (hƩps:// desotolibrary/?rf=172838962843466) or on their TwiƩer Page (hƩps://twiƩ  Or for more specific  informaƟon contact the library at 972.230.9656 or reach out directly to staff members via their contact page ( hƩps://‐the‐Library).  The DeSoto Public Library is open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm, Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 5  pm, and is closed on Sunday.  

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