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When I was growing up, playing hockey had a profound effect on my personal development. Beyond the life lessons I learned from the game, as a youngster, lacing up my skates served as my outlet. I knew that no matter what challenges arose, they would all melt away the second I stepped on the ice. The rink was one place where nothing else mattered. It was just me, the puck, and the irreplaceable bonds I formed with my teammates — relationships I still have to this day. Experiences like these are why I love supporting the Triangle Special Hockey Association (TSHA). We’ve been blessed to serve amazing clients across multiple demographics, and how we became affiliated with this organization is a perfect example. The son of two long-standing people we’ve worked with started this association when he was 12 years old. He latched his ambition to his love for hockey and created

Sled hockey is truly a beautiful sight because it’s an inclusive sport unlike any other; I can’t think of another activity that caters to those disabled with these specific conditions. In fact, many players who take up sled hockey have never played in their lives, but their disability drew them to the sport. The organization does a tremendous job facilitating this, and for those who have no experience but want to learn, TSHA specifically provides training for players to develop essential skills. Their Learn to Skate and Learn to Play programs help anyone with developmental or physical disabilities to understand the fundamentals of skating and playing hockey. The TSHA is hosting an event on Nov. 16 , and we’d love to tell you more about it. It’s a casino night where you can see firsthand how hockey has transformed the lives of hundreds of people of all ages. While anyone can donate from afar, seeing this in person is truly an experience unlike anything else. There will be a silent auction and raffle, as well as Carolina Hurricanes players both old and new in attendance. If you’re interested in more details, contact us or go to the website If you’re looking for alternative ways to help, the organization is always looking for used hockey equipment. Having experience with this equipment, I realize it’s difficult for new players to get started because of the high costs of gear. Currently, the substantial need is for adult- size skates, sticks, gloves, pads, pants, etc. You can email Stu Shaw, the TSHA equipment manager, at stushaw107@ for more information. Hockey can be a cost- free experience for these participants if we all work together to donate.

something impactful for the Raleigh community. Most of the participants in this association have limitations beyond their control. Conditions like spina bifida — where the spinal cord develops improperly in the womb — amputees, or other hindrances prevent these players from experiencing hockey in the traditional form.

— Wes White

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