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We are approaching the end of the year 2017. Time flies! I wish you all happy holidays! Enjoy your time with your beloved family during the holidays. We at OMTA Physical Therapy wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018! We have launched our new website: www.omtapt.com. This new site has a library of all musculoskeletal injuries (muscle, bone, and joint), including their causative factors, common symptoms, and available treatment options. It also has recommendations for how to correct your posture while using your computer (yes, we spend several hours in front of the computer) to avoid neck and back pain and other injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, the website has sections for snow shoveling (choosing the correct equipment, the proper way to stretch before shoveling, etc.). This library collection is located in the patient section of our new site. The snowy season is approaching. Do follow a proper technique when manually shoveling snow to avoid any injuries. Feel free to call us at (630) 637-1693 if you have any questions. FROM THE DESK OF Kaarthick Mani, DPT

THE SECRET ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS How Stockings, Caroling, and Black Friday Came to Be

If you celebrate Christmas, odds are your family observes a number of rituals that commemorate the holiday season. While some of these might be unique to your household, there’s no doubt many of them are part of the holiday’s long cultural history. Part of what makes the holiday season so festive is the collective participation, from shopping to leaving out milk and cookies for Santa. Many of these timeworn traditions have surprising origins. Dig into them, and you’ll find that Christmas truly is a global holiday. Stockings Have you ever considered how strange stockings are? We all leave them above the fireplace, often without wondering why Santa is so interested in filling up socks with gifts. Their origin is actually a touching story that reminds us of the spirit of Christmas. Legend has it that the tradition began with the story of one family. A poor man, recently widowed, had three daughters. While they were all beautiful and intelligent, the man had no money for marriage and worried about what would happen to them after he died. St. Nicholas heard of his plight, and knowing that the family would not accept charity, he devised a way to provide for them. He snuck down their chimney one night and found the girls’ stockings hung by the fireplace to dry. He filled them with gold coins before disappearing into the night. While we don’t know the exact date of this legend, stockings have been a Christmas tradition for centuries. Today, stocking stuffers are a treasured gift category all their own, second to the big-ticket items under the tree. If you’re dismayed at the prospect of Santa having to fill massive stockings for your kids this year, take solace in knowing that you won’t need to stuff them with solid gold.

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