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November 2018

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Our Mission Is Hope The Heart of The Injury & Disability Law Center

Whenever someone asks our team members here at The Injury and Disability Law Center about the purpose of our firm, we respond with a simple word: hope. Now, we understand that hope probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of a law firm, but for us, hope is involved in all that we do. While we specialize in both injury and disability law, we have found that in order for attorneys to truly help clients, they have to genuinely care about every single individual with whom they work. A reality of this business is that no client is going to walk through our doors because their life is going perfectly. In fact, sometimes they are going through the worst event they’ve ever experienced. It is our job to sit down with them and hear their stories. It is our job to be a stabilizing force of hope during an otherwise chaotic time in their lives. “It is our job to be a stabilizing force of hope during an otherwise chaotic time in their lives.” Both my career inspiration and my brother’s started nearly 20 years ago. Our dad was a lawyer here in Roswell for 40 years before his recent retirement, and I can’t remember a day when he didn’t love his job. As kids, Josh and I ran around the hallways of his firm, and as we grew up, we learned how the legal field can help families during hard times. We credit our father for not only initiating our interest in law, but for demonstrating how to help clients best reach their individual pictures of success. To help clients find success, we start by asking every single one of them the simple question, “How can we make life better for you?”We want to pinpoint the details from the accident that

keep them up at night. By identifying these issues, we are equipped to understand and serve their specific needs. This is why our firm’s slogan is “Custom Solutions. Happy Clients.”We start by listening to their story in order to build an honest and empathetic relationship with them. It is only after accomplishing this that we create a custom plan to serve their individual needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all service we provide; building these relationships takes time, commitment, and a genuine understanding of each client’s situation. It is an investment, and it is what makes us different from other attorneys. Most importantly, our methods help us restore our clients’ lives through hard work, encouragement, and hope for the future. From the first day we started our firm, we have been intentional about the legal services and experiences we offer our clients, and we try to

exemplify those aspects in everything we do. Between the technology and resources, the personalities of our hard working team, our honest and genuine methodology, and even our modern architecture and bright decor, we constantly work to ensure that our office exudes the hope we want clients to feel when they come to us for help. Throughout our combined 25 years of experience, our team has discovered that what we do is 60 percent legal guidance and 40 percent life guidance. We are so much more than just a group of lawyers operating a business. We are human beings who genuinely want to help others get their lives back.

-Jeremy Worley | 1

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