Gems Publishing - February 2020

WED 3/4/20 to SAT 3/7/20


MARCH 4-7, 2020

Don’t Miss Special Pre-Event DayWithMr. VanceMorris! “Systematic Magic LIVE! FromWalt Disney World”

A Disney Insider’s “Behind the Curtain” System for Service, Development, Growth and Profits. Unvarnished Behind the Scenes Service and Profit Truths (not found in a Disney Institute seminar) Who Should Attend this SPECIAL PRE-EVENT DAY? This “Deep Dive” peel back the curtain on EXACTLY HOW Disney consistently delivers legendary service is mission critical for Dentists, Office Managers, or those with the authority to affect change in your practice

Create an environment where the outside world melts away, inhibitions to price are lost and patients become raving fans. Inspire, encourage and impel your team members to ACTIVELY deliver consistent, superior and best-in-class service Create a more efficient (profitable) process for delivering best-in-class service to your patients day in and day out Become recognized as THE expert “Go-To” dentist in your area What sets you apart from all the rest of your local competition Create service standards that consistently deliver profitability far exceeding today’s dental profesion norms.

Mr. Vance Morris GKIC Reigning Marketer of the Year

What’s Included in this SPECIAL PRE-EVENT DAY: Exclusive ½ Day Meeting building your own Disney Style Service System. At the end of the day you will have a blueprint to implement in your practice the following Monday. Value ($3497) Resources, Guides, Blueprints andWorkbooks (Value $297) Exclusive VIP reception with current Disney Leaders . Ever want to know how “the rubber hits the road”? You will have unprecedented access to these Disney leaders to ask any question you want to. We will also be serving a feast of hors d’ oeuvres menu that will certainly be your dinner. (Priceless)

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