Gems Publishing - February 2020

“The Secret to Using KPIs to Achieve Killer Practice Income!”

During this presentation you will discover:

The #1 activity you must do every day to avoid unpleasant and disastrous financial surprises Discover the single best tool for “Gems-centric” practices to always identify neglecated areas, track progress, and master their numbers How using your dashboard to implement and track a few simple changes can create massive and sustainable gains in profit The only time it’s remotely okay to ignore the numbers (“non-quantifiable criticals”)

The KPIs that matter most and how to fully leverage them to create more profit, happier team members, and healthier patients The critical leading and lagging indicators in your practice (and what to do about them) The 3 ways to get your team super-motivated and hyper-focused on your numbers How unhealthy business data leads to unhealthy patients and an unhealthy practice (and income)

TOM RICH, MBA Senior Practice Analyst

“The Dental YouTube Blueprint - New Patient Electromagnet!”

How to Tap Into Social Media’s Best Kept Secret, and Immediately Drive More New Patients to Your Practice Create a successful YouTube Channel for your dental practice

Manage SEO in order to get YOUR videos to the top of Google Find optimal keywords and phrases for your dental practice Use those keywords to rank at the top of Google Finally demystify using cards and end screens Determine which tools to use (both free and premium) for video creation Build a following of people on YouTube who are your ideal potential new patients

LISAWEBER, RDH Certified GG12 Coach

Make high-quality videos on a budget that get you found, AND drive potential new patients to your practice Properly use titles, descriptions, and tags Create a clickable thumbnail to get more views Place your video ads on your competitor’s You- Tube Channels and capture their audience Use YouTube to set up real-world marketing funnels Leverage YouTube’s 5 billion daily viewers Create YouTube ad campaigns to promote your practice

“Top 7 Essential Wealth Building Strategies for Dentists”

Learn the right way to pay off debt How to obtain financial freedom.... earlier than you thought possible Should you use a financial advisor? The REAL cost of financial advice

Passive income secrets 101 You BIGGEST tax breaks

DR. JEFF ANZALONE Board Certified Periodontist, Certified GG12 Coach

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