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" T h r o u g h t he B i b l e S t u d y " Genesis to Revelation, Chapter by Chapter By Dr. Harlin J. Roper, Pastor Scofield Memorial Church For Sunday Schools, Bible Classes, Young People's and Missionary Societies, Vacation Bible Schools, Prayer Meetings and Home Study Sample Copy, 20c; 4 Grades, 75c; Complete Set (24 books), $3.60 THROUGH THE BIBLE STUDY, 4112 Gaston. Avenue, Dallas 4, Texas Ambassador on Rails NEW BOOK The Story of Southern Railway engineer-evangelist By His Son— DAV ID J. FANT, Litt.D. Railroading and preaching ran in parallel lines until like the rails over which the ambassador traveled, they merged in the distance.

The father’s own testimony appears through­ out the work and notably at the conclusion. Written in a fast moving narrative style with many human interest stories and certain events with elements of supernaturalism — the -holdup by bandits, the miraculous escape from death, the landslide. $1.50.



New revised edition includes courses of study, methods of teach­ ing, departmental grading and the relative values of the graded and uniform lessons. $1.75. MODERN MIRACLES OF HEALING A book of Christian evidences testifying to the power of God to heal the body. $1.00.

once conquered

America The America o f huge forests went down before the ax o f the early settler—But it took a sharp ax! The gospel witness in heathen lands faces a dark jungle . . . ig­ norance . . . superstition . . . fears. It takes a sharp ax to cut through the deep growth. What the whetstone is to the ax, the Bible School is to the gos­ pel worker. The Alliance main­ tains Bible Schools on its twenty mission fields. There native preachers... Bible Women . . . pastors are trained — sharpened —to the peak o f effi­ ciency. We invite your prayerful interest. Write for free booklet "Schooled fo r His Service” The Christian and Missionary ALLIANCE Dept. K, 260 WEST 44TH ST., NEW YORK 18 In Canada: 145 EVELYN AVE., TORONTO 9

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Build a Better Tomorrow

by what you do today! What can-/ do?, everyone asks. You can help make this world a better' place to live in by facilitating the world-wide distribution of the Bible. Simply send us your contribution. Or better still, why not make your own future more secure by purchasing an American Bible Society Annuity Agreement? In this way, you not only receive the peace of mind which comes from a generous lifetime income, you enjoy the untold satisfaction of knowing that your money helps spread the Word of God— and so contributes to the peace of the world. American Bible Society, 450 Park Ave., New York 22, N. Y. G Please send me, without obligation, your booklet KB-96 entitled “A Gift That Lives.” D I enclose $..............for the world-wide distribution of the Scriptures. Name........................................................ Denomination. Address City........ State. Mail This Coupon Today W ithout Fail

-for yourself

Investigate this Chris­ tian Plan which enables you both to give and re­ ceive at the same time and entitles you to cer­ tain tax exemptions. Write for the interesting illustrated booklet, “ A Gift That Lives”

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