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November 2017



Celebrating 1 Year

With JB’s surprise arrival, last year was the first time ever that both Al and I missed our respective family’s thanksgiving festivities. Not that I am complaining. We were so lucky to have a kid on the mend this time last year that nothing else really mattered to us. It also didn’t hurt that we came home from the NICU to find our fridge stocked with all the requisite trimmings thanks to our amazing families. Looking back over the past year, we have survived the NICU, countless sleepless nights (with the occasional relapse), teething, adjustments to work and social schedules, and all the hurdles that new parents face. We have heard his first word: Da-da (and yes, I’m gloating). We watched in simultaneous glee and terror as he started crawling, exploring electrical sockets, and the like. He is now waving and clapping and doing other silly things that only his parents really care about (but we will insist on boring you with it anyway). We have fallen in love with his infectious laugh and will do anything not to hear him cry. Overall, it has been a pretty fantastic year, and it is about to get a whole lot better. It is time to jump back on the Colahan/Sheridan/ Sollars Thanksgiving circuit, sporting drawstring pants and a healthy kid in tow. Fire up those ovens family, the Thompsons are coming to town, and we’re hungry! To all my clients, family, and friends, I hope you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe this holiday season.

It is mindboggling to me that my son, JB, turns 1 this November. As Al and I prepare for the big day, I am reminded of the three constants to any Thompson household celebration: 1) dessert; 2) a blended assemblage of Thompsons, Colahans, Sollars, Bullards, and Sheridans; and 3) the glue that holds it all together — libations. JB’s party will be no different, and I can think of no better way to cap this wonderfully strange year.

‘Tis also the season of breaking bread. Al and I are really big fans of breaking bread. It is probably our favorite thing to do as a couple. Not surprisingly, we like this time of year. It also doesn’t hurt that we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to cooks in our family. In years past on Thanksgiving, Al and I would hop on the blended-family holiday circuit and stockpile enough leftovers to keep us in good supply until spring.

“I’ve always been focused on my work, but I cherish the times I get to go home early and hang out with him.”

-John Thompson

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