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Our highly experienced travel consultants provide support services to accommodate passengers impacted by airline schedule changes. The services can extend from informing the passenger, prioritizing and re- booking passengers on the next available flights as well as connecting directly with the airline to revalidate schedules.

Passenger Management


- Schedule Changes - Notification by Emails & Calls - Exchanges & Reissuances - Customer Complaints Resolution

Preflight / iRops Services

Our team validates airline schedule changes on multiple GDS or airline reservation systems and ensures passengers receive their notification in a timely manner. We offer alternative flights for affected passengers and refunds to address passenger concerns according to specific criteria.

Our service is designed to provide valuable support to travel agencies or airline customers by providing immediate assistance to pre-empt the domino effect of a flight change or disruption and deliver enhanced passenger satisfaction and experience by providing faster resolution to their booking and ticketing queries.

Process Management

Accuracy TAT for urgent departure 100% SAME DAY


- Service Recovery Validation - Revalidations - Refunds


Service Coverage


ATI Business Group

Services Booklet


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