ATI Services Booklet 2021

Our Services What attracts and retains our customer base is our proven quality and speed of service. We provide a wide range of business process outsourcing services (BPO services) for the aviation and tourism industry across the globe.

Call and Chat Support We deliver exceptional customer experiences by building and operating omnichannel support centres on behalf of our clients. Our customer service outsourcing provides your business with the talent, technology, training and facilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences through voice, chat and email.

Ticketing and Refund Processing We are here to support you with any ticketing issues, such as ticketing operations, refunds, and ticket tracking. Our service will increase efficiency with your ticketing processes and deliver significant operational expense savings for both you and your clients.

Fare & Rate Auditing Our Fare & Rate Auditing teams focus on quality control of fare and rate filling according to airlines, hotels, and other supplier’s rules and requirements. We also help you by providing airfare and hotel rate, tour sourcing, and availability checks.

Finance & Accounting Support Our Finance and Accounting Services are here to support the ever-expanding role of the finance teams of our clients. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Services such as Record to Report, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Travel and Expense.

Fare Filing & Contract Loading Fare Filling and Contract Loading provide both air and land fare filling by teams with extensive experience and expertise across multiple GDS and proprietary systems. Our teams are supported by our proprietary technology and quality assurance systems.

Preflight / iRops Services Our team validates airline schedule changes on multiple GDS or ai r l ine reservat ion systems and ensures passengers receive their notification in a timely manner. We offer alternative flights for affected passengers and refunds to address passenger concerns according to specific criteria.

Technology Solutions We provide various streams of technology-enabled solutions to address and overcome different challenges faced by our clients from robotic process automation to fully tailored application development, with complete support from assessment and development stages to implementation and maintenance.


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