ATI Services Booklet 2021


Internal Agent Support

Our internal agent support helps your teams to resolve their ad hoc challenges, questions and concerns so that they can deliver exceptional customer service. Internal customer service provides consistency for your team’s productivity and enables them to achieve their goals.

Customer Support

Our customer support service helps your clients to resolve their various challenges, questions and concerns. Our professional teamwork quickly to resolving your customers needs in a friendly and polite manner at all times.

Call & Chat Support


We deliver exceptional customer experiences by building and operating omnichannel support centres on behalf of our clients. Our customer service outsourcing provides your business with the talent, technology, training and facilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences through voice, chat and email.

I’m very impressed with the progress that we have made so far. It truly deserves a celebration! Thank you for all your hard work and support. Thank you for putting up with me and the hundreds of questions that I sent you throughout the day.

Satisfactory Rate (CSAT) minutes Average Handling Time 97% 80% <8 First Contact Resolution Rate


Melyssa Gonzalez Support Area Leader Global Procurement Network | Flight Centre

Support Availability


ATI Business Group

Services Booklet


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