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Our ticketing operations support team processes unresolved PNR’s that cannot be processed through automated ticketing systems. Supporting our clients across the globe and around the clock, our team is able to accurately issue tickets and address any urgent requests.

Ticketing Operations

Ticket Refund Services enables travel agents to process their clients refund requests quickly and efficiently and in accordance with the increasingly complex airline specific conditions. It also provides the ability to refund eligible components of unused airline tickets before they expire. Our ticket tracking service enables you to track down any refundable components of unused tickets efficiently and in accordance with the airline specific conditions before they expire. By tracking unused coupons we provide a new revenue stream opportunity for our clients and a significant travel expense saving.

Ticketing Refund

Ticket Tracking Service

Ticketing & Refund Processing

We are here to support you with any ticketing issues, such as ticketing operations, refunds, and ticket tracking. Our service will increase efficiency with your ticketing processes and deliver significant operational expense savings for both you and your clients.


I would like to say a huge thank you and congrats to the team for all the work in the Ticketing Queue. This task hit a peak of over 1300 bookings to be actioned due to all the COVID cancellations and a backlog we couldn’t clear.

99% 60


And this morning when I run the reports we are down to 131!

Amazing work team!

Up to 60 refunds per day (per team member)

Ticketing Accuracy

Dedicated training academy

Up to 80 tickets per day (per team member)

Maxine Hendriks Team Leader Infinity Holidays


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