Market Leader Extra Elementary Course Book

Introductions 1 unit ‘ James Bond, Universal Exports. ’ Sean Connery, British actor, in From Russia With Love

overview vocabulary Nationalities listening Meeting business contacts reading Angela Ahrendts language focus 1 to be language focus 2 a/an with jobs, wh- questions skills Introducing yourself and others

case study A job fair in Singapore

starting up

A Work in pairs. Complete the sentences below with words from the box. there are two words you do not need. from I’m my name’s she you


Emma. Emma Schneider, from Habermos in Hamburg.

2 Good morning.

name’s Shi Jiabao.

3 My

Akim, by the way. Akim Anyukov.

4 How do you do. I’m Nuria Sosa,

RTA Seguros.


cd1.1–1.4 now listen to the four businesspeople ( 1 – 4 ) introducing themselves. Check your answers to Exercise A. Match the speakers to their business cards (A–D) on page 7 .


cd1.1–1.4 Listen again. Where is each speaker? Choose from the following places. a) on the phone b) in a hotel c) at a conference d) at the airport

d talk about yourself. Hello. My name’s

. I’m from



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