Autumn Booklet-NP

With the cooler evenings just around the corner it’ll soon be time to begin preparing those super hot Casseroles & Roast Dinners ideal to keep yourselves warmduring the Autumnmonths! We have a vast collection of Soup Kettles, Roasters and Cast Iron Cookware which are the ideal cooking essentials for serving up those delicious, warming dishes for you and your loved ones.

GALENA SOUP KETTLE SS LID E07-1001 - BLACK 10ltr/352oz GALENA SOUP KETTLE SS LID E07-2001 - BROWN 10ltr/352oz GALENA SOUP KETTLE PC LID E07-PC - CLEAR 28(D)x4.5x6.5cm/11x2x2.5”

SOUP KETTLE SB6000-K - BLACK 10ltr/352oz

10LTR SOUP KETTLE 81388 - BLACK 10ltr/352oz

PP SOUP LADLE 429XLA-K - BLACK 7oz/175ml

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