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July 2017


Happy Independence Day, everyone!

decided to switch up our Independence Day celebration by having a huge family softball game. Four of our families got together — there must have been 30 people involved — and we split up into three teams and drove to a local field to play. We spent the whole day at the field playing softball and watching each other from the sidelines. This is one of my favorite Fourth of July memories. Maybe we will do it again someday. Aside from the year with the softball game, my family normally took us to the local Fourth of July parade on the boulevard to watch the display, wave flags, and eat candy. I always looked forward to watching the parade with my parents and siblings. Sometimes I even walked in the parade with my Boy Scout troop and my baseball team. Those were hot and fun days. Though I love this month because of my family’s big Fourth of July parties, the whole month is a time of celebration. This month, we celebrate my brother Bobby’s birthday, my daughter Shannon’s birthday, and my nephew Matthew’s birthday. I want to wish all of them a happy birthday and a year of prosperity. I love you guys! Happy birthday!

This year, my family and I celebrated the Fourth of July like we normally do. My brothers and I got up early in the morning and headed out to the golf course to play a few rounds. After finishing up at the golf course, we met up with the rest of our families to have a barbecue at the pool. We make the traditional burgers and hot dogs, but we also throw in a few family twists and recipes. All the cousins love getting together to eat and play in the pool, and the adults enjoy it as well. Our barbecue always attracts a great number of people, and it’s one of the few times in the year we can all get together. At the end of the day, our family leaves the pool to go find a fireworks display to watch. We all sit together, our necks craned back to the sky, and watch the night light up for an hour. Afterward, some of us go back to one of our houses to continue the festivities, and others go home to sleep. All in all, our Fourth of July is always a great time. My family is dedicated to making every Fourth of July a great experience, and I think that it was something our parents instilled in us when we were younger. One year in particular sticks out in my mind. I must have been about 14 or 15 years old, and our family

– Kevin Kurtz

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