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September 2019


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Inmany ways, Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin is a family law firm. Not only have we worked with somany local families, our firm is also very much a family, too. Just take it fromWilliam Tanoos and Anthony Tanoos II!

And on the challenges…

WilliamTanoos: There’s always friendly family rivalry and competition, but in the end, it pushes us to always do better and improve.

On their experience working with family…

WilliamTanoos: It’s a great benefit to be able to work with family. Working with those you are closest to and who share your values ensures a positive environment for all involved. In turn, that positive support system carries over to our clients so they are treated with the value they deserve.

AnthonyTanoos II: My experience working and growing up around it has been a great one. I feel very fortunate to have this experience!

AnthonyTanoos II: There aren’t a lot of

challenges that come to mind when working in a family firm. Family is so important, and a lot of people have

On the strengths that come with working with family…

WilliamTanoos: When working with family, you feel free to ask questions or give advice that might otherwise be hard to do, like when working around those you’re not close with. We are able to better our firm through our shared experiences. Also, sometimes you just have a bad day at work, and it’s nice to be able to lean on family when you need it. AnthonyTanoos II: Several strengths come fromworking with family. For instance, one that immediately comes to mind is that I always feel comfortable asking legal questions to another associate attorney or partner of the law firm. In other words, I know they always have my best interests at heart, and this keeps my mind more at ease. The rest of the staff here at FSTN are great and knowledgeable in their roles, and I believe the family culture we have here at the firm strengthens everyone else’s roles, whether they’re an attorney or not.

issues that come up in their family life. The law firm understands this and has been as accommodating as they can be when dealing with any of these related issues. If I could think of one challenge — albeit a small one — it’s that family, in its real sense, can cause drama between its members because they feel comfortable enough to tell each other how they really feel. This can be the same challenge with a family-firm culture. However, this can be looked at as a benefit, too, because it’s good to feel comfortable with each other and not hold things in, and therefore, a solution can be found.

And on family outside of the office…

WilliamTanoos: I’m proud to work with my family and to see others in the firm do the same. There’s great pride in that, and you feel it in the community.

AnthonyTanoos II: The benefit of working at a family firm is that you bring less stress from a day’s work with you back home. I enjoy watching staff members at FSTN get along and actually enjoy their work at the office. When people bring some enthusiasm to the office, they go home with enthusiasm because work doesn’t seem like“work”as much when you have a family-firm culture like we do at FSTN.

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