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My three - year term on the board ends in two months. It ’ s been a long and challenging three years. A new board of directors will be seated after the March 21 st directors ’ election, and they will elect the next board president, vice - president, treasurer and secretary. We have three declared candidates – Charles Leahy, Kristen Damazio and Terry Lay, vying for the two director positions. Good luck to all. Please watch your email, to stay abreast of the election process. Regarding the Facility Improvement Plan I have talked about in my Oracle articles for the past year, we have finally reached the day where you will see the efforts and ideas developed by your fellow owners, sitting on the AdHoc Facility Improvement Planning Committee. Hopefully, everyone had the chance to attend either the morning or afternoon Strategic Facility Improvement presentations held on Friday, January 28 th . You will be receiving, very shortly, an opinion survey on the ideas presented. I ask every owner, that you take the time to give these ideas/projects your considered opinion, complete the survey and return it. It will be your opinions that will guide the future direction of your resort.

A New Start . . . Coming Home . . . Again

After almost two Covid - impacted years, I believe I ’ ve now witnessed the Resort at its busiest . . . and yet the pandemic has not yet been called off. The newest Covid strain, Omicron, has had the biggest affect on staff, but even then, the team has prevailed. As you rushed back from the holidays, I was very pleased that some of the issues which challenged us during the initial rush in November were not repeated. How to treat interactions indoors, with the overwhelming desire of most to discard a mask, has been challenging. I simply ask for you to be respectful of each other. Blatant disregard for any mask - wearing guidelines, both county and state, cannot be tolerated. I ask for patience as the Board determines whether meetings should be in person or virtual. It may be a week - to - week decision as the pandemic, hopefully, wains and conditions change. Thanks for your patience as we consider the issues . . . New Faces

This month brings another introduction and represents a new direction in the Lifestyle Department. Krystal Pinkney brings a level of professional experience to the Resort unseen in the recent past, as indicated in her resume.

Don Renoe Board President

She comes to ORPS with more than five years in the hospitality, food & beverage and lifestyle industry. The last four years has seen her at PGA West and Emerald Desert as the Activities/Lifestyle Director. Her enthusiasm for her job is very evident. Interacting with residents, managing the staff, tending the bar, moving tables and chairs . . . nothing is shied away from. I look forward to her maturing the Department and can ’ t wait to see what she brings, now and in the future, to enrich your “ quality of life ” while you ’ re away from home . . . or is this “ home ”?! Ed Vitrano General Manager




General Safety continued ...

 We are monitoring the company contracted to test and paint our hydrants - testing is ongoing per the required schedules. Help us keep our park safe and secure. Put the Security Guards <direct> phone number in your contacts.

Your Safety and Security Committee has been hard at work:

Disaster Drills 

Gatehouse Direct - 760 - 770 - 0065

We have tested all our emergency equipment and are working on a better storage solution. There is lots of gear - radios, jump kits, medical equipment, rescue gear, and various lighting and power equipment. All is working well.  Communications gear and Ham radios have been tested and allow us to communicate throughout the valley.  The Roster of available search and rescue, medical, radio team responders, and incident commanders have been updated, and new members have been recruited.  A full - scale disaster exercise will be held in March. Please come and watch! A full access study of all perimeter walls is complete. Each wall and fence have been checked for soft spots. As a result, we have identified 20 areas providing too - easy intruder access. We have submitted to the Board a prioritized action plan for new wrought iron barriers and prickly vegetation that will fix these problems and discourage intruders. Intruder Security  We have identified missing stop signs and pavement markings and are nearly done installing all the missing elements.  We have conducted many traffic and speeding studies and have a large body of data allowing security to go to work at the specific problem times, and on the problem streets.  We have deployed new radar speeding signs, which also record data, and they are working quite well to discourage speeding.  We are having a new crosswalk painted and considering a pilot program of bike/pedestrian lanes on our larger streets. Each ORPS first aid station and each defib unit has been inspected, and supplies are on order to bring them up to standard.  Each Fire extinguisher has also been located and checked for correct operation. Road Safety  General Safety 


ORPS Volunteer Responders Checking Emergency Equipment and Supplies




Candidate Charlie Leahy

Candidate Kristen Damazio

My husband John and I bought our lot in January 2018 and I have been involved at ORPS in Activities, Communications, Strategic Planning and Pickleball. If you ’ ve been to Singo (highest attended event at ORPS) you ’ ve seen my husband John, the DJ

Attorney Mechanical Engineer Frugal Good Listener

Carolyn and I feel very fortunate that our first winter in California

brought us directly to our new home at ORPS. We much prefer this to Florida. We drive home through a golf course, see the flowers, look up through the palm trees, and see snow on the mountain. Wow! Our first season renting at ORPS got off to a bad start when our bikes were stolen. Becoming owners in 2017, I joined the Safety and Security Committee, was elected Vice Chair, and then Chair. In 2019 I was elected to the Board and have served as Treasurer, Vice President, and Chair of the A&A Committee. My three years on the Board have seen important accomplishments, such as hiring of our new General Manager, purchase of all laundry machines, greatly improved maintenance services, and steady growth in our bar, food, and entertainment offerings. Ongoing projects include a dog park and asphalt repairs. Each of us as owners will have an opportunity to consider and decide on the recommendations from our Strategic Plan consultants. As a lawyer, I respect the limitations on the powers of our elected Board of Directors. Owners have the right to vote on any new capital investment projects which cost more than 5% of our operating budget (about $260,000). Likewise, a majority vote of the owners can overturn new rules and regulations created by the Board. All of the Board ’ s decisions must be made in public. Owners deserve an opportunity to attend meetings and comment on pending issues. Transparency and owner participation are vital. I will continue to argue against and vote no on proposals that do not benefit the owners. Our HOA is financially strong. Careful oversight will maintain that strength. I like to celebrate our successes, learn from any mistakes, and work diligently toward improvements, big and small. Regards, Charlie Leahy, Lot 721, charles.leahy@sbcglobal.net Experience Matters – Candidate for Re - Election

and me as a helper. I have also performed in Big Star and this year will be in the Murder Mystery event. I created the ORPS Community Bulletin Board Facebook Group that has nearly 800 members providing information about ORPS and the surrounding area. My experience in management, communications, marketing and event planning will make me an asset to the resort. My career started in the Air Force Morale, Welfare and Recreation Squadron (MWR) at Lakenheath, England working at the Youth Center planning activities for military children. Back in the states, the MWR Squadron created a position for me to manage all events that included everything from craft fairs to gala dinners, and sports tournaments to a three - ring circus. Other positions throughout my career included special projects for the Good Sam Club where I planned RV rallies. Nine years as a regional event specialist for Foresters, a fraternal benefit society, where I executed up to 30 events a month focusing on member volunteerism and community outreach. I managed the Enumclaw Expo Center (formerly King County Fairgrounds), a 72 acre facility with multi - use buildings, grass midways, parking lots and arenas that hosted events like the county fair, AKC dog show, Highland Games, rodeos and more. My goal as a board member is to ensure that owner input is solicited and considered when making decisions that affect the resort. I also want to improve communications and transparency from the Board and staff to the owners and renters. It is important to me to establish an effective communications plan to ensure we are reaching all owners and renters so everyone is aware of and can take advantage of all of our amenities,activities and sports.




Candidate Terry Leigh

In October 2019, my wife and I toured ORPS and knew this was where we wanted to live in the winter. We purchased our first lot in November 2020. Since then, we have made many new outstanding friends. Several of them have encouraged me to run for the Board because of my background. I am currently serving on the Safety and Security Committee for ORPS. Experience : For the past 30 years, I have been in the Real Estate business as a Broker, Developer, and I nvestor. I currently own four real estate offices in Washington State. I have fifty Brokers in three different counties working remotely. I am also the Designated Broker and Vice President of a large rental management firm with over 400 employees. I spent 20 years in uniform, 15 years as a police officer (before being injured in a motorcycle accident), and five years in the Army as a Combat Engineer. I served fourteen as a Search and Rescue coordinator and Urban Rescue and Swift Water Rescuer. I spent a few years on the national FEMA team and two years on the Goodwill Games' security development team. Committees, Boards, & Organizations: A lifetime member of the Masonic fraternity and double past master. Member of the Shriners. Lifetime Member of the VFW, Member of the ELKS. Past Treasurer of the Creek ridge HOA, Past Board Member of the Oakbrook Golf and Country Club, Past President of Protect our Pets in Lakewood WA, and Pioneered the development of a 20 - acre dog park. I play Golf, Pickle Ball, Tennis, bike and work out in my free time. As a Board member, I believe you have to keep an open mind and, in some cases, look outside the box for solutions. I am a forward thinker and continuously make plans for future growth. I will always voice my concerns and speak my mind. Several important issues coming up at ORPS over the next year will significantly impact us. Priorities for me are to keep spending down! Encourage improvements with common sense with everyone's budget in mind.

Challenging Times. The month of January proved to be very challenging for the Committee, especially with the resignation of one of our Committee members and COVID impacting administration staff. This all means that we have had to work extra hard to keep up with the permit applications, requests for consultations, the finalization of completed permits, attendance at meetings and numerous other tasks. If you have work that you would like to have done but your Permit has not yet been approved, please be patient. The Committee is doing its best to get to your project. Committed Volunteers Needed. I'll bet most of you don't realize that Committee members work on average between 12 to 25 hours per week. Their workload is mostly dependent on the number of permits submitted and availability of Committee members. This is a big workload for our volunteers, but it could be alleviated to a large degree if we were able to get a few more Owners to volunteer to be a part of the Committee. I know you have heard this before, but without volunteers it becomes very difficult to operate this Resort. And we all have a vested interest in ensuring that ORPS continues to be a Premier RV Resort to have our property values rise. That's why it is important we get new volunteers involved. So why volunteer? What's in it for you? Well, you get to participate in a hands - on way in the beautification of the Resort; it's a great way to meet new Owners; it ’ s fun to see all the ideas Owners come up with to enhance their Lots; and there is satisfaction in helping Owners bring their visions to fruition. But perhaps most importantly, lifelong friendships are forged by volunteer- ing to work on a Committee. I encourage you to consider be- coming a member of the A & A Committee. If you are inter- ested, please email me at kmccune@orps.com Permits Required. I will continue to remind Owners that Permits are required for all Lot improvements and repairs including, without limitation, the construction, installation, alteration, removal, or remodeling of any walls, privacy screens, fences, landscaping, golf ball screens/netting, utility lines structures, antennas, installations, and improvements of any kind. For repairs to lot lights, fifth wheel enclosures and stairs, and for the removal of landscaping materials and hedges, a No Fee Permit will be issued. For all other improvements, you must submit a Permit Application and pay a $25 fee. NO WORK CAN START PRIOR TO A & A COMMITTEE APPROVAL OF YOUR PERMIT APPLICATION . If unpermitted work is done, Owners could be subject to fines and possibly removal of this unpermitted work. Approved Permits must be posted on your Washingtonian palm tree at the front of your Lot until the work has received a final inspection. Thank You. As I mentioned above, the Committee members are a dedicated bunch and put in a lot of hours working for the betterment of the Resort. So, on behalf of the Board and all Owners I would just like to like to express my gratitude to the Committee members for their dedication to the Resort and giving so freely of their time. ORPS would not be what it has become without you. Suggestions Welcome. Finally, the A&A Committee welcomes suggestions and ideas from you, the Owners. Please feel free to contact me at kmccune@orps.com. Kathy McCune, A&A Chair




Lydia Delaney

Hole #10 Hole #10 Hole #11 Hole #10 Hole # 9 Hole # 7 Hole #10 Hole # 3 Hole # 2 Hole # 8 Hole # 4 Hole #18 Hole # 4 Hole #11 Hole #10 Hole # 1 Hole # 6 Hole # 5

05.13.21 12.11.21 12.23.21 12.27.21 12.28.21 12.29.21 12.31.21 01.01.22 01.05.22 01.05.22 01.06.22 01.07.22 01.07.22 01.07.22 01.07.22 01.08.22 01.09.22 01.12.22

Ann Pfaff

Ewart Nelson

Kathy Bourlon

Jerry McGee

Marsha Nelson

Dirk Foster

Gary Selanders

Clifford Mensch Kathleen Sovell

No Penalty for accidentally hitting your ball twice!

Kris Olsen

Steve Ornellas

Allen Gayken

LuAnne Meissen

Sue Hampton

Melody Orenchuk

Eva Norcross

Ava Felt

• A Committee may adopt it ’ s own code of conduct and set penalties for breaches. • You may mark and lift a ball to identify it without announcing intentions first. • Your reasonable judgement will always be accepted regardless of video proof to show error.

For more information on golf ’ s new rules, visit usga.org or randa.org

• 3 minutes is now the maximum allotted time to search for a ball (rather than the previous 5)

RESOURCES AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL AND PRINT • The Player ’ s Edition of the Rules of Golf (a shorter, more user - friendly version with images) • The Rules of Golf (full version) • The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf (Long - form guidance with guidance to officiating and administration).

• Determine spot where your ball hit (point A) • Find nearest fairway edge no closer to hole (B) • Drop ball on line from hole through A or B




Starter Shack

It ’ s time to put on your tap shoes and join the Beginner dance class on Tuesdays in ES 2 - 3PM. Dancers will learn short routines. No class fee. For more information contact: Marilyn Sabens: marilyn.sabens@gmail.com Deanna Joe: deannajoe@hotmail.com

Hours of Operation 8AM - 4PM DAILY

Early opening on Tuesday & Thursday 7:30AM


Some dates to remember ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Quilt Show – February 12, 2022 CANCELLED Ladies ’ Luncheon Sponsored by the ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club – March 9, 2022

For those of you who enjoy sewing, we would like to invite you to join us in the West Room Monday – Sunday, from 8AM to 5PM. This group allows us the room and time to work on individual projects, as well as, group projects. The group projects, such as the charity raffle quilts help the club to raise money and give resources to the Cathedral City Fire Department first responders and to domestic violence victims at Shelter from the Storm. Due to the recent rise in COVID cases we have cancelled the quilt show for this season. The silent auction will now be a raffle at the Ladies ’ Luncheon in March. This year we have three charity quilts. They will be on display in the West Room. Raffle tickets can be purchased from anyone in the group during sewing times in the West Room or at any of our pop - up locations during ORPS events. The cost of the tickets are one (1) ticket for $5 or five (5) tickets for $20. The drawing for the quilts will be held at the March Ladies ’ Luncheon. Winner need not be present. We are happy to host the March Ladies ’ Luncheon. Information regarding the luncheon will be forthcoming. Please look for news in upcoming ORPS Daily Bulletins. If COVID causes us to cancel the luncheon, we will still do the drawings for the three raffle quilts on Wednesday, March 9, at 1PM, in the West Room. We would also like to extend our appreciation to all those who helped make the holidays for the families at the Shelter from the Storm a little brighter this season. Your generous donations of toys, undergarments, socks, cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, etc., were so welcomed. These items have gone a long way in the feeling of kindness from others during a very difficult time in their lives. Thank you so much. We will continue to accept any donations for the shelter all season, every season. Please bring them by the West Room or drop them in the donation box located in the El Saguaro entryway. Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter

For more information, contact us at orpsquilters@gmail.com

Basket Quilt

You can join our Facebook page by searching for: orps quilters & sewing club

Heart Quilt

This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us

Blue Yellow Quilt




Men ’ s Top Gun kicked off on January 12 with 6 courts and will run through March 9th. Women ’ s Top Gun kicked off on January 13 with 6 courts and will run through March 3. The ORPS Internal Mixed League is back for its sophomore season. Competition started on January 18 with four teams. This league is currently scheduled to go for 8 weeks. The Sunday Mixed Ladders started on January 16 and goes for 8 weeks with 6 courts. The January mixer, hosted by the USTA Super Senior Women, was held on Saturday January 22. The theme was “ Guys and Gals with Balls ”. A lot of fun and food was had by all. Due to the timing of the event pictures will be in the next edition of the Oracle. The next Horse race will be on February 5 with a town hall and refreshments to follow at the LP tennis center. Instead of the usual February mixer, the multisport Can Am week events will take place. The Men ’ s 3.5 team will be working in conjunction with the Can Am committee on the joint award night party. Committee Corner

Tennis at the resort is in high gear! It ’ s great to see the courts full with all the good - natured competition going on. The first Horse Race of the year was held on January 8, 2022. We had 37 participants jockeying for wins.

Winners: Tim Hicks, Debbie Jensen, Judy Thorgeirsson, Susan Cowan

In this month ’ s Committee Corner, I am featuring Bill Grannary. Bill is in charge of Court Maintenance and is our tech guru. This is Bill ’ s first term. Here is hoping Bill will continue his good work with us for many more years!

Hometown : Edmonton AB

• Occupation : Software Development • When did you start playing tennis : 5 years ago when I retired • Other hobbies ? Golf, flying, motorcycles & making my grandbaby laugh • What advice would you give someone new to ORPS ? Get involved. Lots of good fun to be had and good people to meet at ORPS.

Place: Hal Cusick, Bud Krahn, Fran Swanson, Shar James, Ron James, Dave Riely

Fun Tennis Fact

The fastest serve in women ’ s tennis was by Venus Williams with a recorded serve of 127 mph.

Show: Mike Cowan, John Jensen, Helen Glennie, Janet Whiteside, Lucy Denham, Marc Lavertu, Fran Duffy (not shown)




MINI NEW YEAR ’ S EVE TOURNAMENT On December 31, 2021, pickleball players rang the New Year in early with a mini - tournament from 3:30 to 5PM. Fun games were followed by hot dogs and frivolity before revellers continued on to other evening celebrations!


Valentine Pickleball Tournament: February 11, 2022 $10 per person Register with a person who is NOT your sweetheart and have a morning of pickleball fun. Sign up with Kathy on February 7 th and 8 th from 8:00 - 9:00 AM. CAN - AM Pickleball: February 22 - 24, 2022 Bring your patriotic spirit and sign up with a partner from your country! $10 entry fee with gold, silver and bronze medals to be awarded. Canadian and American shirts will be available for purchase.

HAWAIIAN PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT This fun tournament was unique– with winners being determined by their poker hand after 5 games! Pickleball winners had the advantage of drawing additional cards with each win! It was crazy fun for the 104 participants who signed up!!! The winners were: Group A : 1 st – Sue Pavelka; 2 nd – Tanya Rae Hicks; 3 rd – Colleen Iwanicka; 4 th – Pieteke Pelsma; 5 th – Roiann Ahrberg. Group B: 1 st - Jill Lawlor; 2 nd – Mark Fischer; 3 rd - Dan Reiman; 4 th – John Boudin; 5 th – Glen Brewer Again, we applaud Kathy Oedekerk for an amazingly delightful day and thanks to Randy Anderson for providing the inspiration for the poker challenge! A big shout out to the Ukulele Crew who provided awesome entertainment and to the volunteers who served lunch and prepared the courts! It takes a village! Thanks everyone!

The CAN - AM schedule will be as follows: Sunday


Sunday Monday Tuesday







Feb 25 GOLF Feb 26 GOLF



COURT CHANGES FOR MORNING OPEN PLAY Effective January 17, 2022, courts 1 - 4 will be designated for 2.0 and 2.5 level players during morning open play. Court 7 will become a challenge court at 9AM every morning. OPENINGS FOR THE PICKLEBALL COMMITTEE There are openings on the Pickleball Committee for two new members. If you are interested, please contact Keith

Bassham. Thank you so much to Janice Wald and Judy Froese for your past service! We appreciate you!!!

Submitted by Lynn Barry, Pickleball Public Relations




Welcome our new members: Charles & Donnice Koch Lot 81, Duane & Life is Better With Friends, Especially our ORPS FMCA Friends

Walls Olive Lot 1163, Howard & Susan Matthews - Berman - Lot 1010, Vaughan & Kevin Patterson Lot 1048, Chris & Vickie Thomsen Lot 606, Douglas & Sherry Highland Lot 823, John & Marlene Hinson Lot 709, Kara & Randy Wilson Lot 796 and John & Carol Tesley Lot 785 February 2022 • 10 4:30PM – 7PM Wine - Pergola at El Saguaro, limited tickets will be sold to FMCA ORPS members only, so watch for the announcement • 12 7AM Tour de Palm Springs benefit ride and walk. Find FMCA flyer in Club House and at Satellite laundry rooms. Register at www.tourdepalmsprings.com and open to all. • 12 4PM Tour de Palm Springs bicycle and walkers party El Saguaro Owners Lounge & pool deck, BYOB. Snacks will be provided. For more info, contact Jeff Buchman 202 - 577 - 6478 or Lot 835

ORPS friends tailgate party Opening Day of Polo in Indio Jan 9

Hike on our local National Monument trails, Santa Rosa and San Jacinto in Palm Desert. And leading the hike will be Sharen Metz, date to be announced.

Doing good works at Holiday Time

March 2022 •

1 - 4 FMCA ORPS in House Rally

ORPS FMCA with friends caroling to needy Seniors, sharing and delivering breakfast and gifts. This was again a joint venture with Cathedral City Police and council members. P.S. we all made local TV news too.

1 2

4pm Happy Hour & Snacks—La Palma Ballroom Golf Tournament Tee - off times TBD, ORPS Golf Course RV Life Seminar - El Saguaro Card Room Pickleball Tournament - ORPS Pickleball Courts 3 4PM Rally Dinner, Cocktails and Business Meeting La Palma Ballroom FMCA ORPS Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - La Palma Ballroom

• •

2 3

• •


• 23 – 26 FMCA 104 th International Convention

& RV Expo - Prima City Fairgrounds, Tucson, AZ

Who are we? We are 72 families strong and growing. • President - Sue Strauss - 518 - 368 - 8084 Lot 632 • Past President— Jeff Buchman - 202 - 577 - 6478 Lot 835 • Vice President - Kristen Damazio - 425 - 770 - 3864 • Secretary - Ken Hearn - 610 - 573 - 3747 Lot 835 kenhearn59@gmail.com • Treasurer - Vicki Hilmer - 253 - 312 - 0193 Lot 1082 • FMCA National Director - Doug Hibl 209 - 480 - 8971 Lot 99

Please direct comments or questions to:

Sue Strauss Lot 632 rstrauss22@gmail.com You will find local membership applications in both Clubhouses in our wall displays. Membership in the National FMCA is required for membership in our local chapter FMCA ORPS. Please sign up first at www.fmca.com to get your national FMCA ID number. (Local $25 dues & $10 badge for each person).

Submitted by, Ken Hearn ORPS FMCA Secretary




When I took over the Ukulele Crew in March 2019, I decided we needed a reboot. My husband Dave came up with a great idea of “ Take Overs ”. Players who had exceptional ukulele skills, great vocals or played another instrument could take over a song and do a solo, while backed up by the group. There were a few Take Overs during the next two seasons but Take Overs have exploded this year. I ’ d like to spotlight the players who have given amazing performances. Peter Whalley played a Ukulele solo on Mama Don ’ t Allow and with Judy Boren sang a duet on Blue Christmas at our holiday concert. Charlie Morton played harmonica on Silver Bells and Silent Night and played spoons on Up on the Housetop and drums on Frosty the Snowman. Deanna Joe played the maracas on Feliz Navidad and Jamaica Farewell, bells on Jingle Bells and tambourine on Sea Cruise and Crocodile Rock. Ken Bittle played ukulele bass solos on many songs. The Ukulele Crew is practicing Wednesdays, 2:00 - 3:30 and Saturdays, 1PM - 2PM for beginners and 2PM - 3:30 for All Players and adding new Take Overs for every performance. Our next concert is February 23. Check the Daily Planner for details. For more information contact Marilyn: marilyn.sabens@gmail.com

Lazy Life & Stroke Being physically inactive and spending leisure time doing sedentary activities has become common in the younger generation. A lazy lifestyle increases body fat; reduces muscles strength; affects bone density; metabolism, and deprives the overall immune system of the body. Therefore, an inactive lifestyle increases the risks of health issues. If you have been lazy, start slow with activities like walking (30 - 60 min) or mild exercises according to your age and health conditions. Smoking and tobacco substances are harmful and are likely to increase the chances of death and risk of stroke. Tobacco contains 7000 toxic chemicals impacting the lungs, damaging body cells, and increasing the threat of stroke. Smoke from cigarettes alters cholesterol levels which cause heart disease & stroke. You might not smoke, but passive smoking (inhaling elses smoke) is also hazardous. Drinking patterns varies in every individual, but excessive alcohol has quite an impact on health. And it is associated with increased incidents of stroke. Excessive alcohol contributes to high blood pressure levels (hypertension) and certainly gives rise to heart problems like atrial fibrillation, cardiomyopathy, and stroke. Limiting your consumption of alcohol reduces hypertension and cholesterol fluctuations, which are directly responsible for the stroke. Any life - threatening disease is the result of an imbalance either in blood pressure levels, cholesterol, or blood sugar level. These risk factors increase with age and attack the vulnerable group, and as soon as you neglect these three elements, they disrupt the harmony of the body. Make sure you check your BP, sugar regularly and control your cholesterol level to minimize the chances of stroke. Remember that a stroke is a blockage of blood flow in the brain that is caused primarily by unhealthy lifestyle choices. Other uncontrollable factors, such as family history, age, gender, and so on, may exist, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a choice that can help to reduce such risks. A stroke can happen unexpectedly. However, a person's lifestyle and genetics can influence whether or not they have one. Reminder. Sign up for the 5K walk for Feb. 19th. In activities office. THIS IS A FUNDRAISER FOR THE DOG PARK. Still selling bricks for the health and fitness wall right outside the gym. Leave a memory or special note for someone. See me, or one of the fitness committee members. Chavalla Lopez - Bassham Health & Fitness Chair


Thursday, February 17, 2022 3:30 pm Owners ’ Lounge

Everybody ’ s Son Thrity Umrigar An intriguing tale of race, and identity, love, morality and seeking truth.

The book group is re - assembling after a year and a half break. We will meet in the Owners Lounge where we can separate or outside by the fire pit. Masks are required.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. For information: Jean Dietrich 760 992 - 8225




A PSALM OF A SERVANT Lord I have lived for the lure of achievement. I have followed the scent of success. But when I have reached all my goals there ’ s an ache in my soul and the sense that I ’ ve settled for less. I am tired of the tasks of pursuing all the paths of my self - centered plans.

Cornhole at the Pickleball Courts on Sundays, and now Wednesdays! Cornhole has a new night … in addition to the regular playing event on every Sunday at 2PM, beginning Wednesday February 2, at 4PM, we will also have a weekly tournament. There is no charge for the Sunday event. Sign - ups start at 1:45 and play begins at 2PM come early as we fill up. The Wednesday event will be a charge event ($10) with funds split between a fundraiser and payouts to 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd place.

For when I live for myself and my personal wealth

I am deaf to all love demands. For when you quiet my mind You show me how blind I am to the things that please you. Make me willing to learn of your greatness, to lead with a basin and towel. I relinquish control of this ambitious soul. I surrender and in worship bow.

Read John 13:12 - 15. Christ set the example for us of caring. He took a basin and towel and washed disciples feet, challenging them to go and do likewise. Reflect on acts of love we can show to others, some of them may be as humbling as washing feet. Jesus set the example in love which we can emulate. This Valentine ’ s Day season, go out of the way to serve others, especially surprising some who would not expect this act of kindness.

ORPS Ladies ’ Bible Study will join together once again! WEDNESDAYS January 12 – March 9 East Room 9 to 11AM We will be studying 2 Corinthians All Things New by Kelly Minter. Purchase the work study book: LifeWay , available on Amazon (free shipping with Prime). We hope you will join us. You will meet warm, Jesus ’ loving women. It will be the most rewarding part of your day! Donnice Koch

HAPPY VALENTINE ’ S DAY! February Chapel speakers:


Dr. Craig Hazen Biola University Apologist Dr. Craig Hazen Biola University Apologist

13 20

Huntley Brown World renowned pianist, does some Satchmo 27 Bill Butterworth humorist and messenger

Jim Gwinn, Chaplain, 847 - 445 - 0077













69411 Ramon Road Cathedral City, California 92234


760 - 328 - 3834

ALL PRO 951 906 5200

Admin Office

Ext. 244 242

BBQ ISLANDS 909 735 5009


Accounting Front Desk


301/302 Maintenance Dispatch 293 Community Standards 246 Gate/Security 260

DAVIES AUTO CARE 760 397 6082


La Palma Clubhouse Board Office

250 252 254 255 256 270 271 272 277

GTZ MOBILE CAR WASH 760 397 6082


A1 Store Mailroom La Roma



El Saguaro Clubhouse Lifestyle Director

JORGE ’ S LANDSCAPE 760 443 3672

Lifestyle Assistant


MIA ’ S DESIGNS 760 288 1830

Lifestyle Admin Asst.

Golf Shack

SHADEMAKER INC 951 654 0841



Lupe ’ s Beauty Salon


760 - 328 - 0007




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