Ecuador's Galapagos Islands - 2003

Beside the tranquil emerald green waters he slept apparently dead to the world— until suddenly the huge creature roused himself and gave chase to two young sea lions whose activities (making amateurish and feeble attempts to mate) outraged him. His surprisingly rapid run up the beach scattered tourists, mockingbirds, younger pups and females.

He could haul himself along very well for short distances (bringing his hindquarters under him for greater mobility) but he would just as suddenly flop in mid stride and rest a bit, obviously winded. The rest period was short and then the chase was on again. The young & foolish sea lions he pursued quite clearly did not wish to be caught, so they made tracks even faster when he dropped down to the sand. Though he had to stop often, he was quite determined to teach the upstarts a lesson so he always got back into action as soon as he had his breath back.


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