Ecuador's Galapagos Islands - 2003

However, getting a picture of the comical but very quick little ghost crabs proved the biggest challenge. They creep out of their holes on their tippy toes and skitter back underground at the slightest movement they detect, so there is no chance of sneaking up on them for a shot. Obviously these critters do have natural predators because they are very skittish. They are a paler orange than the Sallys and their little eyes are on stalks atop their round bodies and those eyes are sharp indeed! We laughed at each other also as we tried to figure out ways to outsmart the “ghosts” by lying on the sand, trying to approach from the rear of their escape holes, or sitting patiently waiting for one to re-surface after a safety dive below.

When everyone was willing to give up on that effort, we crossed the peninsula to reach the shallow freshwater lakes where brilliant pink flamingoes had nests, babies, and their own private dining room. Never had any of us seen flamingoes of such vivid pinkness, sharply outlined by the black on the underside of their wings. Really quite beautiful birds. Carlos told us that they are reputed to be the pinkest species in the entire world.


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