Ecuador's Galapagos Islands - 2003

Blue Boobies were courting and nesting on the cliff tops and in the ledges below and we actually saw one fuzzy chick in its oh so precarious nest above the waves. Waved albatross and brown pelicans were flying overhead and the Noddy Terns were busy on land and in the air. Occasionally, a magnificent frigate bird appeared overhead as well. The scenery, the animals and the blue-green seas seemed made to order for the perfect advertisement for a visit to the Galapagos. The sea was even colder here off Isabela and when we got perilously close to the rocks standing guard below the cliff faces, we could see the Green Sea Turtles and Puffer Fish very clearly. The Equatorial Current is responsible for both the colder waters and for the rich nutrient content of the sea here. We learned that male turtles have long tails (you can tell they’re the long ones even without seeing a short female tale for contrast) so it’s easy to identify the sexes when they’re swimming. This was a wondrous morning for animal watching and we say, “All praise to the lovely Isabela Island!”


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