Ecuador's Galapagos Islands - 2003

ESPANOLA ISLAND Our first landing here was quite early so we had the perfect photographic light— that golden transparent but vividly limning light so critical to clear and focused pictures. We had clear skies though the sun did play “peek-a-boo” with us through the clouds. Our path was boulder-strewn and made us proceed slowly along the coast, for which we were grateful since it gave us plenty of time to look at all the stunning sights around us.

Punta Suarez was our very best blue-footed booby landing spot. We walked among the charming birds on their courting and nesting grounds. They are so hilarious with their “duh” stares combined with their stately courting rituals. The way they lift their beautiful blue feet in a slow dance-like step and then carefully & deliberately put them back down on the ground with such pride and dignity is just too amusing! We learned that the females have a larger pupil and utter a honking cry while the males with their tiny pupils produce a thin but loud whistle. After exhibiting their beautiful feet to one another, they point their bills skyward and raise their wings to full display. But it is definitely those surprising blue feet that “make the bird” and insure a good “catch” in the dating game. However, those feet (which come in a painter’s assortment of blues) are not the only

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