Ecuador's Galapagos Islands - 2003

washed about 3 ft up their trunks) and vibrant gardens in front and behind the structures. There is a chapel on the grounds and we saw both a nun and priest on the grounds as well, so maybe the hacienda helps support them. The Ecuadorian cuisine was delicious and familiar to us since we had sampled so much of it on the M/S Polaris. A long ride home under threatening skies got us back to the Hotel about 6 p.m. but we were not hungry for supper and spent the evening trying to cram all the things we had purchased at the little market towns into our small suitcases so that we could leave the country in the morning. The fourth state of Ecuador, wonderful Galapagos, is a marvelous treasure, and it is no wonder that so many residents of the other three states comprising the country would like to move to that place. How farsighted of the government to realize the importance of the Galapagos to Ecuador and the world and to work diligently to protect this vital resource. Now if only the leaders of the country can recognize the value of Ecuadorians people and make policies and plans that benefit them as well and bring the country back to solvency. They must invest in compulsory education for the children so that the next generation will understand the need to protect the Islas Encantadas. Only education will allow Ecuador to develop into a true democracy!

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