Events: What to expect.

“We’re a family-grown business, and we still have that family feel. At the heart of everything we do is making sure people feel like part of the family.” ARTIST MANAGEMENT – Abby Marchington

Events: What to expect

Our events aren’t just a fantastic opportunity to meet your favourite artists, they’re a part of the Castle Fine Art experience. Throughout the year, our calendar is packed with free exhibitions and artist appearances, and you’re on the guest list! There’s no set formula for a Castle event. Whether it’s a live-painting session with landscape artist Lawrence Coulson or an evening at The Savoy with Stuart McAlpine Miller, our events cater to all tastes (and we’re not just talking about our delicious drinks and canapés). “We know galleries can be intimidating, but we want someone to walk in and feel happy and invited,” explains our artist programme manager, Abby Marchington. “We’re definitely not snooty and stuck-up! You don’t have to know about art, and

there’s no pressure to buy anything. People of all ages are welcome – bring your children, friends and family along.” Held at external venues and our 40 galleries nationwide, our events are held on both weekday evenings and weekends to fit around our collectors’ busy lives. If you can’t make it to an artist appearance, our exhibitions can also be a great introduction to the artist you’re interested in learning more about. “We display rarer artworks and more original pieces at our exhibitions,” says fellow artist programme manager, Manisha Chauhan. “There will be works that aren’t on the website and haven’t been shown before, including boutique editions. Many of our international artists – including Billy

Schenck and Raphael Mazzucco – may only visit the UK once a year, but you can still get access to exclusive works at your own pace. Our art consultants treat everyone the same, whether it’s an artist appearance or exhibition.” With no dress code or photography rules to worry about, how you spend your time at the event is completely up to you. Abby says: “People can view the works by themselves or chat to like-minded collectors, and even the artist. In fact, our artists often naughtily let slip some sneak-peeks of future works. It’s the only time they get to meet our collectors, so they love to catch up and are more than happy to pose for selfies or sign an artwork with a dedication.”

one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do, and it is always a pleasure to meet them in person. Abby adds: “There’s a moment during an event when we stand back and watch everyone enjoying themselves, and it is truly wonderful. At the heart of everything we do is making sure people feel like part of the family.”

You can keep up-to-date or add yourself to the guest lists for our upcoming events by visiting or subscribing to our emails online or at your local gallery.

Seeing our collectors enjoy themselves at events is




“In the early days I felt very much like a duck out of water at my events, but they are now one of the most satisfying elements of my career. I get to meet collectors, and their enthusiasm and feedback pushes me on.”

– Lawrence Coulson

Nigel Humphries: The UK Tour

“I didn’t know what to expect for my first tour, so I was both excited and nervous. It was better than I hoped for, and I really enjoyed it. There was a fantastic atmosphere and a real family feel, with people of all ages showing up – including children in superhero costumes! “That fun feeling is what my work is all about, and it was great for people to make the effort to come. I love talking to people and hearing their stories – it’s my favourite part of these events. Parents bring their children, who show me their superhero drawings – it takes me back to my own childhood. “I received an email from someone who had felt intimidated about visiting a gallery, but everyone was so inviting and they were made to feel very welcome. They had a really good time.”

“Over the last few years, I’ve met hundreds of people and collectors who have supported my work, and more importantly given me the confidence to put my name to my art.”

– Dan Lane



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