Real Estate Journal — Mid-Year Review — June 22 - July 12, 2018 — 13C

M id A tlantic

I nterior D esign

By Richard Gacek, Gacek Design Group What’s Inside the Rental Market


pieces in a room. However, to create great design you capture an experience. When design is invisible, it has made a connec- tion with the consumer on an emotional level. Great design is thoughtful, understands the consumer’s living preferences, and how they want to live in a space. Great design uses a combination of research and expertise to drive the design decisions, color palette and vision. Gacek Design Group of- fers this design difference. We work closely with developers, and architects to support form, function, special planning and

live – work – play environ- ments. We are well versed in market research and use it to determine lifestyle, demo- graphics and living prefer- ences for the interior designs. Gacek Design Group offers a signature style of blending natural elements with timeless and classic design. It’s Experi- ential. It’s What’s Inside. Richard Gacek is the principal designer of Gacek Design Group. Founded in 2005, Gacek Design Group is owned and op- erated by Richard Gacek, a 32 year veteran of interior design

and architectural consulting. As Principal Designer, Rich- ard is well known for blending natural elements with timeless and classic design. Inspired by historical archi- tecture and influences, Gacek Design Group is mindful of the value of an experience. Every design is carefully researched to create a story that is au- thentic. This practice always delivers exclusive and elegant interiors that are meaningful and based on lifestyle. Gacek Design Group interiors are de- signed with key elements that define the way people want to

re you paying attention to the demographic changes that effect

live today…clean, simple lines; casual and adaptable spaces with refinement. Whether designing commer- cial or residential interiors, Richard’s designs begin with a neutral foundation and infuse the colors of nature as rich ac- cents in the design. The team at Gacek Design Group is dedicated to applying Richard’s principles in every design, as well as listening to our clients and their design needs. Richard has built his reputation on satisfied clients and looks forward to building new partners and relations. 

y our bus i - ness? Have you updated y our bus i - ness strategy to highlight your interior amenities? The luxury rental mar- ket is a high-

Richard Gacek

ly competitive environment. In today’s digital age, it is so im- portant to engage consumers emotionally with a connection that is authentic. Both Millen- nial and Baby Boomer genera- tions, who in fact are also the most prominent targets for luxury rental developments, are drawn to an experience that is memorable. Therefore, it's more important than ever to provide a level of design that reflects their needs. At Gacek Design Group, leading and award winning interior design firm, we center our interior de- sign philosophy on the concept of what we call, Experiential Design. Our exclusive strategy delivers an interior design that highlights the following key components: Experiential Design: - Provides an experience that tells a story and has impact - Creates a welcoming en- vironment based on research - Addresses how consumers wants to live in the space - Delivers spaces with func- tion and adaptability based on lifestyle Given the right location and integration with the local community, developers rely on market research to help define their amenity programs. As buildings progress, and target markets become more diverse, it has become a priority to search for new ideas to help differentiate. A new trend is to follow the hospitality indus- try. Hotels are inspiring de- signs from welcoming lobbies with juice bars; to comfortable boutique-like living rooms; to spa-like baths that cater to so- phisticated tastes and modern conveniences. Consider This. Good Interior Design is Powerful. Great In- terior Design is Invisible. This is an interesting statement. Good design can be pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Good design uses standard furni- ture layouts, and sometimes just places matching furniture

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