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June 2018

TECHNOLOGY TIMES Insider Tips To Make Your Business Run Faster, Easier And More Profitably 3 Deadly Mistakes You’ 're Making By Being Cheap With Technology

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Today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have an uneasy relationship with technology – even if they don’t realize it yet. As the marketplace reaches new heights of complexity and speed, and consumers migrate to cyberspace en masse to make their buying decisions, SMBs are responding in turn. Today’s savvy business owners utilize ever- evolving technologies to capture their customers’s interests and imagination, make conversions and manage their day- to-day operations with unprecedented ease and clarity. Certainly, the Internet age is a thrilling time to be in business. Each business is equipped with wildly powerful tech that has transformed the landscape of commerce forever. But there’s an uncomfortable truth that goes hand in hand with this increased dependence on technology. At its best, IT allows us to do incredible things we never would have imagined were possible even 10 years ago. At its worst, IT’s an unreliable, finicky and potentially

hazardous scaffolding upon which we built our loftiest hopes and dreams. Even the best IT requires wrangling to shape it to our needs and to keep it on track and safe from intruders. Despite this reliance on technology, the vast majority of business owners consider it some extra, add-on expense rather than a foundational element of their company. As a result, they skimp on technology spending. But being cheap has a cost – one much bigger and more dangerous than you probably realize. Here are four mistakes you’re making by underspending on this key part of your business. 1 You’re spending on technology based on an unrealistic, poorly planned budget rather than building your technology budget around your actual needs.

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