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November 1931

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SritgiouB j&entiment (SlfriatmaH (Eariia should be used by every Christian. Assortment of 21, with envelopes, for $1. Includes folders, French folds, and cards. Money returned if you are not satisfied. Attractive and workable sales plan with good profits for ehurch societies. Also Religious sentiment cards for e v e r y d a y use. GOLDEN GREETINGS, H I E . 6th, SANTA ANA, CAL. “Tobacco is a deadly poison. It kills its users slowly. Some who are hard to kill live to old age in spite of its use, but none reach old age because of its use.” —D r . K ress , W ashington , S anatorium . “The prevalence of tuberculosis in the Navy is chiefly due to the use of ciga­ rettes.”— G en R ixey , U. S. S urgeon . “Young men are rejected annually at West Point and Annapolis for underde­ veloped lungs and irregular heart action, caused by the use of tobacco.” —C ol . M aus , U. S. R eg . A rmy . “We all agree that excessive smoking injures the heart, the liver, and the kid­ neys.” —A B ig 'T obacco M erchant . “Cigarette smoking stupifies the brain, saps the vitality, undermines one’s health, and lessens the moral fibre of the man.” —T y C obb . “For fifty years, not one tobacco user had stood at the head of his class.” —B aines , H arvard C lass R ecords . “Non-smokers exhibited a distinct ad­ vantage.” —M eylan , C olumbia U niversity . “A baby born of a cigarette-smoking mother is sick. It is poisoned, and may die within two weeks of its birth. Sixty per cent of all babies born of cigarette­ smoking mothers will die before they are two years old.”—D r . C. L. B arber . “No cigarette victim can climb to the top of the ladder.” —J udge B rewer , U. S. S upreme C ourt . “N o boy who smokes can hope to suc­ ceed in any line of endeavor, as smoking weakens the heart and lungs, ruins the stomach, and affects the entire nervous system.”—M ike D onovan . , “No man or boy can expect to succeed and continue to use cigarettes.” —C onnie M ack . “There is no agency in thé world that is so seriously affecting the health, effi­ ciency, education, and character of boys and girls as the cigarette habit. . . . . Nearly every delinquent boy is a cigarette smoker............Cigarettes are a source of crime.” —H erbert H oover , U. S. P resident . Books for Christmas The Story of the Great King (with twenty-nine illustrations that will be especially useful to teachers who can draw) is offered by the author only, for the Christmas season, at sixty cents each, in quantities of five or more. These books are suitable for gifts to Sunday-school classes, as well as for family giving. Single copies are seventy-five cents each. Glad Songs is offered at the same price. Address the author, Helen Howarth Lemmel, 51 W. 75th St., New York, N. Y.

H E R B E R T G. T O V E Y ANNOUNCES THE PUBLICATION OF HIS NEW 1932 BOOK FOR GOSPEL SOLOISTS Gospel Solos andDuets W ith Trios 224 PAGES OF SPARKLING, MELODIOUS AND SCRIPTURALLY TRUE SONG MESSAGES. A NEW CREATION IN THE FIELD OF GOSPEL SONG. Excellent for those singing Duets, Trios, or Quartets. Price $1.25 per copy Address Orders to HERBERT G. TOVEY 4940 College View Ave., - - Los Angeles, Calif.

his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Here God’s great principles of dealing with us are enunciated. The first of these principles is this: If you put the primary good in the primary place, the secondary thing shall be added unto you, without even your seeking it. And the second great principle is this: If you put the secondary thing in the primary place, you shall for­ feit the primary thing altogether, and you have not even the promise that you shall obtain the secondary thing. If you can find any wisdom anywhere else that com­ pares with such wisdom as this, where is it to be found? You put the kingdom of God first, with His righteousness for yourself, His kingdom in its sway over others—put these first, and you need not take any care for the rest. God will take all possible care for your lower wants. But if you take your lower needs and put them into the place that ought to be oc­ cupied by the kingdom of God and His righteousness, you forfeit the kingdom and His righteousness for yourself, and may even fail in your diligent pursuit of secondary good. “Seek ye first, not earth’s aspirings, Ceaseless longings, vain desirings, But your precious soul’s requirings, Seek ye first.” —A. T. P ierson . Is Smoking Harmful ? r . G uy E dward M ark , pastor of Union Square Baptist Church, Somer­ ville, Mass., has made available the opin­ ions of a number of outstanding men and women on the subject of the harmful­ ness of the use of tobacco, especially to the young. No child of God, eager for the Father’s full will to be wrought out in his life, will have much difficulty in deciding whether the use of tobacco is an aid to growth in grace, or whether it is a “sin which doth so easily beset us.” The following statements, made by leaders in the secular world, are note­ worthy : “The immoderate use of tobacco brings on a series of physical disturbances that are at first functional, then organic.” —D r . E nid B orgen . “The cigarette smoker commits suicide on the installment plan.” —J ames B. J effries .

sinks into a common plain, filled with the concourse of the multitude, and echoing with the cries of human struggle; a voice has sounded in mine ear and said, “Go, get thee down.”— G eorge M atheson . Use me then my Saviour, for whatever purpose, and in whatever way Thou mayst require. Here is my poor heart, an empty vessel; fill it with Thy grace. Here is my sinful and troubled soul; quicken it and refresh it with Thy love. Take my heart for Thine abode; my mouth to spread abroad the glory of Thy name; my love and all my powers, for the advancement of Thy people everywhere; and never suf­ fer the steadfastness and confidence of my faith to abate—so that at all times I may be enabled from the heart to say, “Jesus needs me, and I Him.” —D wight L. M oody . DECEMBER 13 "He maketh me to lie down” (Psa. 23:2). There are three things needed before sheep or human beings can rest. How can we rest so long as we feel ourselves liable to the attack of the roaring lion of the pit? Against this our Shepherd Jesus has provided. He has Himself met the great adversary of our souls, and has for­ ever broken his power. In the end, the Good Shepherd gave His life for the sheep. No hireling coward He! His all was at stake! The flock was His own, given Him by His Father; and He laid down His life for it. And now He lives to guarantee our safety. He has secured us everlasting deliverance from the de­ mands of the divine law, and from the consequences of our own sin. “Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again.” And now, O timid soul, be at rest! The blood-red brand which is upon thee is a sure token that thou art safe. He cannot have done so much for thee to lose thee now. In all moments of peril or dread, softly murmur His name, Jesus! Jesus! and He will at once comfort thee by His presence, and by His voice, which all the sheep know. —S elected . DECEMBER 14 “Seek ye first the kingdom o f God, and his righteousness" (Matt. 6:33). Take this text, and think about it. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and

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