CellCheck Newsletter MARCH FINAL


6. In autumn 2017, ICBF plans to launch a new culling tool known as ‘Cows Own Worth’ or COW. This will rank cows on their expected profit potential for the rest of their lifetime. The COW will take into account the environmental aspects such as; calving date, age, milk recording results, health events, etc. The COW will act as a guide in choosing which cows to cull from your herd, and will only be available for herds that are milk recording.

7. Cost effective pregnancy diagnosis is now possible through milk samples. This service will indicate if a cow is in calf or not.

8. Milk recording data provided the phenotypic (on the ground) data that has allowed ICBF to launch genomic evaluations for the Holstein/Friesian breed. In time more milk records for crossbred cows will enable ICBF to launch genomics for crossbreds. 9. Herds that milk record at least four times in the calendar year and have the dry off dates recorded for their cows receive an Annual Report every year from ICBF. This report is now being requested by banks when farmers are seeking finance, to benchmark performance and repayment ability. 10. Milk recording records increase the compensation available for animals that have to be culled because of a positive TB reaction.



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