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Vested in Your Success


At McHutchison, we take pride in our years servicing our customers; between my coworkers on our sales team and nursery sourcing department, we have combined hundreds of years of horticultural brokering experience to help make you and your organization successful. We are acutely aware that our customers require a broker that innately understands their unique operation and can consult them by offering multiple solutions to their problems or opportunities. We believe that a broker should become an extension of the customers they serve. Our primary service at McHutchison is to be your single department source for all of your live nursery needs, right when you need them, so you can keep your business focused on scheduling your next installation.

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the value that McHutchison can offer your business.

Sincerely, Mark Faunce Territory Manager


McHutchison’s network of regional suppliers offer:

McHutchison works with both national and regional suppliers to offer our customers the best possible products and services for your installation. You provide us the specs and needs of the job and we manage the most efficient way to source and deliver what you need. Our local suppliers in this area allow us to source more specialty items which are hardy and thrive in our local climate. These boutique suppliers also offer faster delivery, smaller minimums and custom tagging for yourjob site .

Climate Appropriate Varieties Local Freight Fast Delivery

Low Minimums Custom Tagging





Juniper Moonglow

Japanese Maple



McHutchison works with more than 100 nurseries on theWest Coast and delivers more than 1,500 truckloads annually of finished nursery material across North America. These national suppliers have ideal climates for growing a wide variety of nursery stock. And with our consolidation of sites from California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, our truck can become your one-stop-shop.




Gleditsia 'Skyline'



Our national suppliers out of Tennessee and North Carolina offer high quality shade and ornamental trees, in both containerized and B&B forms, allowing us to supply product year-round. These locations also allow for more freight friendly options for jobs sites in the eastern United States.

Our network of suppliers offer the largest specimens around, and can be brought in as Pot-in-Pot grown or dug as Ball & Burlap for year-round availability.

Acer 'Redpointe'

As one of the largest plant brokers in North America, McHutchison has and endless network of annual color and tropical growers to add that level of pizzazz to your finished landscape project. We work with breeding companies across the globe to source the best and latest genetics to ensure your landscape project will have the most vigorous flower power possible. Our team can customize your needs by supplying you with premium annuals in any size necessary, from flats, 6-packs, 4-inch and larger. Our tropical suppliers in Florida offer a wide variety of large finished plants in the most premium quality for instant gratification in the landscape.

Annual color offered in pots and packs


Wave ® Petunia

SunStanding ® New Guinea Impatiens

Wave ® is the original spreading petunia and has been a landscape staple for more than 20 years.With its easy spreading color and ability to stand tough in conditions that can wither other petunias, this “nothing- else-like-it” plant led the way to creating what is now the most recognized plant brand in the world. McHutchison offersWave, Easy Wave, ShockWave,TidalWave and DoubleWave varieties in any product size year-round.

SunStanding ® New Guinea Impatiens are the latest genetics available in their class.These plants offer landscapers a superior product for both full sun and shade locations with non-stop flowering performance. Available in a multitude of colors, habits and flower patterns, SunStanding varieties are the newest must- have plants for North American landscapes.

Working with hundreds of perennial nurseries across North America, McHutchison is able to source any variety in production from nurseries providing hardy stock for your job’s location. We offer all the tried and true varieties, but our integrated relationships with the largest perennial breeding companies in the world, give us early access to the latest perennial genetics with more repeat flower power and hardiness than ever before.


Perennials offered as jumbo liners or containers

Coreopsis MoonSwirl

Salvia Salute Ice Blue

Moonswirl Coreopsis is the newest variety on the market with massive, fully double flowers, and lots of them. This ever blooming summer

Salute Salvia is a new series of hardy, easy care varieties in six colors with matching habits. This allows landscapers to offer designer mixes in perennial beds, while all the colors flower together and in a uniform height and habit.

staple will add non-stop color to the perennial border with virtually no maintenance.

FLOWERING SHRUBS For the premium splash of landscape color, we offer a full selection of high end flowering shrubs appropriate for your region. Whether you’re looking for the newest breeding from premium brands like ProvenWinners ® , or tried and true varieties known for exceptional performance in your region, we have the right portfolio to fit your jobs’ needs and budgets.

GROUNDCOVERS We have the largest portfolio of groundcover growers in North America and can effortlessly fulfill every need with a broad range of product sizes. BULBS We offer landscapers a full range of both natural and pre-cooled bulbs for vibrant spring landscapes. Our natural, non-cooled bulbs are available in late summer and early fall for mass landscape plantings. For your customers wanting a last minute splash of early spring color, we also offer our pre-cooled bulb lineup which is ready to be planted for immediate flowering.

McHutchison has a dedicated team of national logistics specialists. We transport nursery material across the country weekly, so we can get the best vendor to your job site when you need it. Our multi-vendor consolidation provides you with the most economical freight rates, while getting the full variety of products you need.

Our freight vendors include both refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks and rail lines. McHutchison uses the most economical freight route possible, which ensures your product arrives safe, in quality condition and on-time, all year-round. We move more than 1,200 truckloads of material across the United States annually, providing you with frequent delivery options to meet your job site needs. If you have preferred transportation companies you work with, our logistics team is happy to arrange transportation with them as well.

Tell us what you need, where you need it and when, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Modes of Transportation include: Refrigerated trucks Non-refrigerated trucks Refrigerated rail Non-refrigerated rail Flat bed Customer pickup

Vested in Your Success

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