Shuk Engineering Distributors Product Catalogue



RUBBER Linotex Antiwear Abrasion Rubber

NON METALLIC Rubberised Cork

Sealrite 388 Expanded Pure Graphie

Antiwear Rubber

Industrial Felt

EPDM Rubber - Black

Sealrite Cellulose (Vegetable fibre)

Sealrite 488 Expanded Pure Graphite

EPDM Rubber - White

Sealrite Rollette Cellulose

Pure gum

Expanded PTFE (eEPDM)


Butyl Rubber



Natural Solid Rubber

Tesnit BA-50

Neoprene Rubber

Tesnit BA-U

Nitrile Rubber - Black

Tesnit BA-R

Nitrile Rubber - White

Thermoseal C4430

Nitrile Diaphragm Rubber

Thermoseal C4500

Natural Insertion Rubber

Thermoseal C8200

Silicone Rubber - White

Novus HDS1

Silicone Rubber - Red

Viton A Rubber

Bridgepad Rubber

Neoprene Sprong

EDPM Sponge


Linatex® is a 95% natural rubber that exhibits outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. With over 80 years experience in handling aggressive materials, Linatex® is still ranked as the premium wear resistant rubber for sliding or wet abrasion service. It is our unique liquid phase compounding process that gives Linatex® its extraordinary physical properties and outstanding performance. Our process, unlike other processes, causes minimal mechanical disturbance to the molecular structure of the finished rubber, resulting in significant cost benefits to the user. With Linatex® Premium Rubber there is no equivalent when it comes to wet abrasion.

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