CWU Response to Sexual Misconduct Handbook

Non-Confidential/Private Resources On-Campus

Following a Sexual Misconduct Disclosure or Report

Central Washington University is committed to providing a learning, working, and living environment where every community member is comfortable reporting incidents of sexual misconduct. The University encourages community members to report incidents promptly so that we can address the impact of the incident(s), as well as provide appropriate resources and assistance, as quickly as possible. The University’s highest concern is for the safety, health, and well-being of all involved parties and members of the University community. From modifications to academic and/or work schedules, to referrals to resources on and off-campus, the University can assist community members by providing various supportive measures. Any time the University receives a report of sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator will initiate outreach to the Reporting Party and/or Third-Party Reporter regarding the report. There are many reasons why a member of the University community may choose not to engage with the Title IX Coordinator. Responding to the Title IX Coordinator is optional for the Reporting Party. In those cases, the University encourages community members to seek resources and supportive measures through confidential resources both on and off-campus, outlined on pages 6-7. Supportive Measures Once an incident has been reported, the Title IX Coordinator will arrange for supportive measures for the Complainant as needed. Supportive measures also may be implemented by the Title IX Coordinator or appropriate office to protect the safety of all University community members, as well as deter retaliation and prevent the reported behavior from reoccurring. Supportive measures can be arranged or implemented by the University whether a formal complaint has been made, as well as whether the report is resolved informally or formally. If notice of an investigation and/or resolution process is provided to both the Complainant and the Respondent, all involved parties may receive supportive measures, both during and after an investigative process or determination of responsibility. Support measures are individualized to each involved party and the University must comply with reasonable requests for supportive measures. University community members can receive supportive measures even if the other involved party is not a current member of the University community. If reasonably available, supportive measures include, but are not limited to: • Access to counseling services, medical assistance, or victim advocacy assistance • Modifications to work or class schedules • Modifications to on-campus living arrangements • Transportation accommodations or assistance • Campus escorts • University no-contact orders and trespass from specific areas or buildings

The resources below are private and are NOT confidential, which means that a report will be made to the Title IX Coordinator. Regardless of the CWU Campus location of the Reporting Party or Third-Party Reporter, the following University resources provide support and response for all members of the University community. Information will only be shared with relevant campus partners to coordinate support and assistance.

Civil Rights Compliance John MacArthur, Title IX Coordinator Laura Brant, Deputy Title IX Coordinator Barge 204 CWU Ellensburg Campus 509-963-2050 The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for processing and responding to all reports of sexual misconduct. The Title IX Coordinator will work with the Complainant, Respondent, and/or Third- Party Reporter to discuss their rights, options, and resources- further outlined on pages 9-13. Human Resources Mitchell Building- 1st Floor CWU Ellensburg Campus 509-963-1202 Human Resources collaborates with the Title IX Coordinator in their response to reports of sexual misconduct involving employees, including student employees, faculty, and staff. Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Bouillon 205 CWU Ellensburg Campus 509-963-1817 The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) collaborates with the Title IX Coordinator in their response to reports of sexual misconduct involving students.

University Police and Public Safety 1211 N Wildcat Way CWU Ellensburg Campus

509-963-2959 Emergency- 911 After Hours Non-Emergency- 509-925-8534

If appropriate, University Police and Public Safety may collaborate with the Title IX Coordinator, or appropriate office, in their response to reports of sexual misconduct involving any University community member. For more information about reporting sexual misconduct to law enforcement, please review “Reporting to Law Enforcement and Legal Interventions” on pages 13-15.

Any member of the University community may file a complaint with local law enforcement agencies by dialing 911 or contacting local law enforcement directly, especially in instances of immediate threat or danger.



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