Custom Fume Extraction Hoods by Clean Air Industries

Welding fume extraction hoods are ideal for capturing weld smoke over a large work area. Our customized solutions will address your needs.


Custom Canopy Solutions for Improved Source Capture

Source capture starts with controlling the area in question – properly sized hoods can significantly improve the likelihood of capture, reduce the effective area of filtration, and dramatically reduce the size of fume extraction system required for your equipment. Bolt-Together Hood Clean Air Industries hoods consistof a bolt-together panel system, easily integrated into duct work. Traditional hoods come standard with an intake baffle plate to help prevent sparks from entering the ducting system and can be easily disassembled in order to clean when desired. Traditional bolt-together hoods are made to be hung but can be outfitted onto leg stands if desired. Oasis™ Flat Hood Clean Air Industries Oasis™ Flat Hoods offer next-level customization. Lighter weight than their bolt-together counterparts, Oasis™ systems are built of durable steel with a transparent polycarbonate top panel. Oasis™ systems are easily customizable for unique modules and seamlessly integrate into duct lines. As with all Clean Air Industries hoods, we strongly recommend incorporating weld curtains for improved source containment.

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