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Equip your business with rad tools & automation for digital business awesomeness! Hi, I’m Kylie and I build brands! I help your business get visible online, and simplify your digital marketing so you can grow your business. I work with you in workshops, 1:1’s, webinars, masterclasses, coaching & more!

Yaaaay! That's awesome that you want my business secrets! I get asked all the time from my clients and in my Facebook groups: "What systems do you use?", "How do you do that?", "I don't know where you find the time to do that!" so, here you go! Here are my top 13 systems and tools that you need to simplify and make structure in your business! Enjoy setting it all up - it's worth the time, I promise! Kylie Mowbray-Allen www.hellomedia.team

Calendars & scheduling appointments

Aaargghh I know only too well how hard it is to keep on top of the juggle, BUT since I set myself up on these tools, life has been SO MUCH BETTER!!!! As you grow your business and reach more people, you need to simplify & create systems! Here are a few of mine ... let me know which ones you use, which ones you like and don't like, and connect with me in the Hello Media Facebook Group - where I'm sharing new tips and tools regularly!

Google Calendar: Set it up to sync zoom & Calendly appointments!

Calendly: schedule free online appointments


Your events are filling up, your calendar is full! Your to-do lists are multiplying, so don't waste time shuffling through your notebooks, use these tools to make collaboration EASY! Airtable is like spreadsheets on steroids, never have I loved spreadsheets so much! Collaborating with them is A-MA-ZING! Project Management tools

Asana: Project management tool for daily tasks, events etc

Airtable: All-in-one collaboration, social media content planner


Data storage & accounting

As your business grows and requires more accountability and more cloud storage, you'll need to upgrade your platforms!

XERO: Accounting

Dropbox: Cloud storage

Google drive: Cloud storage


More and more people want to connect with you! Emails, newsletters - all of this is important and the way in which you communicate is vital (and so important to be growing your email database, not just your social media channels!) Remember - you OWN your email database, and you don't own your socials. So grow this and send out great newsletters that match your brand, communicate your offers, and make you stand out! Newsletters & email communication

Mailchimp: Fantastic on-brand newsletters & more!

Gmail: Manage & schedule your email correspondence


CRM is a software system that helps business owners easily track all communications and nurture relationships with their leads and clients. A CRM replaces the multitude of spreadsheets, databases and apps that many businesses patch together to track client data. We have saved so much time, and have automated follow ups, reminders, and payment plans for our clients - it's been a game changer! CRM ~ Customer Relationship Management

Keap: Customer Relationship Management www.hellomedia.team

Landing pages & websites

It's impossible to choose a website platform, unless you know what you want to achieve in your business long-term. Our personal favourite for eCommerce (selling anything online) is Shopify. Our favourite for information-based websites is Wix. They're BOTH amazing at customer service, and offer phone support 24/7 - that's a win win in my book! Get found in Google searches and showcase your business - be proud of what you're presenting to the world!

Ecommerce: Sell your products & services!

Wix: Cloud-based drag- and-drop site builder


Get stuff done & save time! Showcase who you are, be there for your clients & give value! Have systems in place that all connect together so that you're automating what you can. People who set up a Zap save an average of 4 hours their first week! Zapier helps you get stuff done, and saves you time with automations. Got something to say? Start a podcast! Built-in uploading, recording, and editing tools so you can easily create and publish episodes.

Zapier: Connects the apps you use everyday

Anchor.FM: Produce a podcast!


Shorten links & do more for less! Neontools is an online marketing toolbox with things like; Hashtag-Analyzer, Micro Landing-Pages, URL shortener, QR codes & many more features! AppSumo is a daily deals website for digital products and services, and what makes it special is that the products on Appsumo get huge discounts to attract buyers. Some of our best platforms we've bought on Appsumo! Just head to AppSumo and click GET $10 off when you use this link!

Neontools: Connects the apps you use everyday

Appsumo: Daily deals for digital products


Canva we use EVERY SINGLE DAY in so many ways! INVIDEO ~ create on-brand videos and get 25% off when you use this link and enter discount code: KYLIE25 wave.video ~ more awesome videos, get 10% off when you use this link. Create awesome graphics & video

CANVA: Graphics & more!

wave.video: Epic on-brand videos

invideo: more epic on-brand videos!


When you've got all your processes, systems and tools in one place and all connecting together, life is SIMPLER! 19 systems & tools for your business Yes!



I've worked with Kylie at Hello Media on many occasions and she is the most knowledgeable person in her field, she stays on top of everything in the industry and she is extremely generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge and assisting small businesses to achieve their social media marketing goals. Highly recommend Hello Media ✔️✔️✔️ ~ Meagan Kruger, Pacific SouthWest

I've done multiple training sessions and courses with Kylie and have learned an amazing amount about social media and online platforms. She is a wealth of knowledge who is unfailingly generous with her time and expertise. Highly recommend.

~ Georgina Inwood, Table Under A Tree

I have just completed the "Irresistible Branding ~ Canva Skills" online course and it exceeded all expectations. It was super informative, practical, well structured and completely supported throughout. The combination of weekly webinars, workbooks, instructional videos and weekly Q&A sessions made it easy to learn, practice and receive support when needed. I love that when I couldn't attend a live webinar or Q&A session, I was able to watch the recording, and I now have the whole package to look back on and keep learning. Not only is Kylie incredibly knowledgeable and generous with her time, she is fun to learn from. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ~ Kelly Evans, Ecosophy


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