The Gittens Clinic May 2019


MAY 2019


Starting the Road to Recovery NEVER THE WRONG TIME

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I saw firsthand the devastation drugs can cause. I witnessed people who would do anything for a fix wasting away on the streets, sitting in the pouring rain, and trying to find an escape for themselves. I always remembered that these people had families. I think one of the most heartbreaking parts of addiction is that somewhere, someone is losing sleep worrying about the addicted person, so I have spent the past 20-plus years trying to remedy that bond and bring families back together. Through my journey in medicine, I’ve seen miracles happen every day, and with my practices, I like to think every patient has a chance at one for themselves, no matter how impossible it may seem at first. Addiction services is a full-time job. I tell my patients to feel free to call me anytime, 24/7, because I’ve constantly been on call for my entire career in the medical field. From emergency rooms in Brooklyn, Ft. Pierce, and Miami to my practices today, I’ve always given my unwavering care and attention to my field — no matter how much sleep I lose over it. You can count on that. For me, it’s about the connections. I love interacting with patients and getting to the root cause of a problem. That’s when I’m able to gain a little insight into the human condition and feel most fulfilled in my work. For me, having a family visit a loved one in the ER after their life has been saved or having a mother thank me for getting her son off opioids and reuniting their family has always been about understanding what brings us together as people. Sometimes it takes trauma to realize just how much someone means to us. It pains me to see people struggling with addictions when I know, if we work together, it can be prevented. You can’t go it alone, and nobody expects you to. If we dig down to the root of your problems and utilize carefully planned and personalized regimens of medications to make you as comfortable as possible while you wean yourself off, your chances of getting sober and staying that way will be exponentially higher. I always remain optimistic. I’ve seen success countless times, and I know it will help you if we work together to put a plan in place to get you clean and clear-minded with a newfound sense of direction.

When I’m not in the office, I’m doing the things I love most. I’m an amateur polo player, and I shoot skeet

and exercise in the gym in my spare time. I’m also an avid family man who works hard to take care of my family. My son is currently attending college, and my daughters are happily married and working hard in their desired professions. As a result, they’ve been able to raise my grandchildren the right way and watch them flourish into anything they want to be. That’s

what life is all about for me, and that’s what I want to see my patients get back: A healthy life full of natural highs as far as the eye can see and stocked with memories to keep them driven. At the end of the day, I care about your recovery and aim to make it as comfortable as possible while you’re on the long road to get there. All it takes is a phone call and the desire to make the most important change of your life. There’s nothing to be afraid of; you’ll thank yourself later. With offices in North Miami,

Palm Beach Gardens, and Stuart, there’s bound to be a location convenient for you. If you don’t think you’re quite there yet or just need help getting through the day, you can always call the Narcotics Anonymous hotline at 818-773-9999 or the Alcoholics Anonymous hotline at 212- 870-3400.

-Dr. Carl Gittens


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