Immigration & Injury Attorneys May 2018

MAY 2018



You may be familiar with Keren’s stories and my own. As immigrants ourselves, adding immigration law to our practice was a priority from the beginning. We’ve witnessed the obstacles that people face when they come to this country and how one helping hand can make a world of difference. We wanted to help our community navigate the confusing world of immigration law because we’ve seen how it can change people’s lives. Our path to personal injury is also based on our personal experiences. Not long after Keren and I got married, we were victims of a very bad car accident. We were both injured, Keren more seriously. I saw the ramifications of that accident play out in the following months. We had a newborn baby while Keren was dealing with serious neck and shoulder problems, which were so severe that she had to get three epidural treatments. I saw what she was going through — the day-to-day struggles of being injured, going to work, and having a family — and it was hard to see my wife dealing with the physical pain and trauma that the accident left behind. I can only imagine how tough it was for her. We learned the hard way how an accident can make life a lot more difficult Can you imagine going through all of this, and on top of all the other challenges, not being fluent in English? This is a reality non-English speakers face all the time. Often, insurance companies will try to lowball people and try to get out of covering their treatment. Most Latin American countries don’t have a system in place for accident-injury compensation, and our experience shows us that the majority of our clientele doesn’t know that there’s a system in place here to help them be compensated. It can be daunting to know where to begin. Knowing how difficult it can be to recover from a car accident and understanding the challenges many people face while seeking compensation led us to personal injury law. After our own experience, it became clear that it should be a focus of our firm.

We are continuously growing, and last year was great for our firm. Our new name includes a new logo that you will see and hear everywhere, from our website to social media, radio, events, and additional promotional channels. This new look reflects the areas of practice where we are leaders: immigration and injury. This stepping stone will allow us to spend more time and effort assisting you, our clients, exclusively in these areas of the law where we confidently succeed. We’ve changed our name and look, and you were the driving force behind it! READY … SET … GO!!!

Watch for more updates as we continue to offer you the best experience with your immigration and/or injury needs. Follow us on Facebook, as we constantly provide free information and share tips that will empower you and your loved ones. Our new name and tagline say it all: Immigration and Injury Attorneys … Where You Matter.

–Jorge Virgüez

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