Market Trends Winter 2018



Citrulline price so far is stable but while using Arginine as the starting material, it is expected the price will increase step by step including Citrulline Malate as well.

material are available in the market now.

becoming the new star ingredient for beauty and joint health, and dosage is normally large.

by the pollution control. The production locations used to be located and centralized in Yangtze River Delta, but now factories are moving North West to Ningxia provinces where the starting material is better supplied and the pollution control pressure is less. The factories in the old location, Yangtze River Delta, downsized their output greatly. One of them stopped production in September and others in the new location, Ningxia provinces, are facing great challenge as well. It is expected the price will start to increase in November and in the meantime, the supply will get tight. DHEA Since our last update, the price has significantly increased and customers have been eager to place an order. As we mentioned in the last report, DHEA comes from two sources, Soy andWild Yam. The one fromWild Yam increased all the way, and while the one from Soy was stable or trending down before, it is now increasing and better recognized and also better priced. The attention of price increase is more reflected in the U.S. market compared with two months ago.

FOLIC ACID The price is running high but at a reasonable level for now. GABA Production at major factories is on and off due to inspection and pressure from the government. Those located in the old area close to the residents are intensely monitored by the government. The rest are lucky enough to be located in a remote industrial zone and pollution control is guided by administration of the industrial zone.

GLUCOSAMINE With all the costs increasing, Glucosamine price has increased a little bit as well. Glucosamine price has been at a low level for the past two years and the eagerness for better profit from factories is strong. GLYCINE In the U.S. market, the material now is in short supply. There are many good factories around the globe including Japan, Thailand and of course, China. However, due to the antidumping policy, these factories are more focused on their domestic markets. With limited output, the export to the U.S. market is difficult. GRAPE SEED More factories are beginning to use the starting material coming from Europe and the price is lifting slightly. GREEN COFFEE BEAN 50% Supply is currently stable but at a higher level against that of earlier this year due to the raw material price increase. Both Indian and Chinese

The benefits of Green Coffee Bean are more and more recognized, not only for weight loss, but also in improving the immune system GREEN TEA EXTRACT Demand and supply are balanced and the price is stable. There is a trend that customers are looking for a better version of tea instead of just Green Tea. INOSITOL The supply of Inositol is getting tight and the price is increasing step by step. Due to the pollution control pressure, the factories are having very limited output or shutting down for the winter. We think the price will continue to increase as the output is very limited in the coming three months. L-ARGININE/L-CITRULLINE L-Arginine is in short supply now. The largest factory in China doesn’t have a stable output and Korean and Indonesian factories are also on a great number of back orders.

China used to be the largest exporter and now Thailand and the U.S. are also joining the market. The price is increasing step by step. CITRIC ACID ANHYDROUS This product’s raw cost is stable in China and the sales price in the U.S. market is largely depending on the anti-dumping investigation. There might be some changes in coming months, but so far, it has only increased a little bit. COQ10 The price of CoQ10 has bounced back a little bit in the last month compared with the sharp increase from September to early October. The factories are taking all kinds of measures to deal with the pressure of pollution control and are trying to stabilize the market. We think the price will remain stable at the current level in the coming two to three months. CREATINE MONO Production from the major factories is effected

L-CARNITINES Compared with two to three months ago, availability is better. Factories resumed

production step by step from shut down and have started to ship out goods. The prices are still at a high level and future trends will depend on how long factories can keep the output stable and how well they can handle the pollution control pressure.

With the winter coming, it’s expected the demand will be very strong and prices will increase fast.


GINGER Traditionally used in India and China, U.S. marketers and formulators are using this

Since the largest factory in China doesn’t have a stable output, the price increased fast in the last two months. There are some other factories available, but the hydralization process causes pollution issues, so the output of all these amino acids are still limited. L-GLUTAMINE Currently, the demand is stronger than the

ingredient more and more, both powder and oil forms. It is widely produced in India and China, and the business volume will be huge for this ingredient in the future. As to the price, it is stable and goes with the fresh Ginger price change.

Shaanxi Jianhe Bio-Technology Co., Ltd


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Ascorbic Acid 40-80 Mesh Ascorbic Acid 100 Mesh

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NEW PRODUCTS: • AA2G • L-Alanyl • L-Hydroxyproline

• S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) • Ademetionine Disulfate Tosylate • Ademetionine 1,4-butanedisulfonate • Pyrroloquinoline Quinine Disodium Salt (PQQ) • α-Ketoglutaric Acid series of products We hold GMP, Kosher and Halal certificates. Glutathione has DMF registration in Japan, Korea and India.

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