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ACADEMIC AWARDS NZQA Scholarship Awards for 2015

In total, 29 students gained 49 awards, eight of which were graded Outstanding.

Anthony Baker English, History (Outstanding) Nicholas Beckert Drama Jacob Bird Biology, Economics, English, History Tom Botting Statistics Christopher Brown Calculus (Outstanding), Statistics Luke Gellen Calculus, Economics, English (Outstanding), Media Studies, Physics, Statistics Anthony Goh Chemistry (Outstanding), Statistics Jason Guan Chemistry, Economics, English, Statistics Regan Harding

Patrick Manning Drama Matthew Moore Statistics (Outstanding) Michael Newton Chemistry, Physics Callum Oorschot Statistics Hamish Penrose Statistics Angus Porter Statistics Bailen Thatcher Painting Hamish Thomas Statistics Samuel Walker Accounting, Economics Robin Wan Calculus Joshua Wensley English (Outstanding), Statistics Michael Williams Statistics William Wilks Technology (Outstanding)

2015 NCEA Results

In NCEA results, Christ’s College students consistently achieve higher than the average of all other schools both nationally and of other decile 8 to 10 boys’ schools. All College students in each year group sit NCEA. Below is a comparison of combined Merit and Excellence endorsements for Christ’s College compared with all boys in decile 10 schools

Christ’s College

Drama (Outstanding) Joseph Hutchinson Statistics Young Sung Jang Statistics James Kelly Drama Ji Woo Kim Chemistry, Physics, Statistics Connor Leadley Statistics Fraser McKenzie Biology George McKnight Design and Visual Communications, Painting

LEVEL 3 61.7%

LEVEL 2 64.2%

LEVEL 1 81.2%

Boys in decile 10 schools

LEVEL 3 46%

LEVEL 2 54%

LEVEL 1 64.9%

Eleven of the boys were in Year 12: Christopher Brown, Tom Botting, Joseph Hutchinson, Young Sung Jang, Connor Leadley, Matthew Moore, Hamish Penrose, Angus Porter, Hamish Thomas, Michael Williams and WilliamWilks. All are continuing their studies at College in 2016.

College boys also gain higher endorsements rates (Excellence and Merit) when compared with boys in decile 10 schools.


College Issue 31 2016

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