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LANGUAGES Year 9 boys speaking Spanish

Jonty Gallagher is delighted College now offers Spanish as a language option in Year 9 and is having fun coming to grips with the new vocabulary.

“I heard Spanish is a great language which is spoken widely around the world and is a close language to English so I was keen to choose it as an option,’’ he says. “So far it has been really fun and exciting and I have learnt so much. Ms Yogeeswaran is a great teacher and makes it fun, especially now we are all starting to get the hang of it.’’ Spanish teacher Ms Teryl Yogeeswaran says “We are offering a new language because we believe it is important for boys to have skills for a globalised world,‘’ she says. “As well as the developmental opportunities learning a language offers, being able to communicate in another language is important in the world of business. In English speaking countries, people often

don’t realise how limited they are when they expect others to learn their language and do not learn any other.’’ There are two Spanish classes in Year 9. One is mainstream and the second is a foundation class for boys who want to try out learning another language and see if they wish to continue. “We don’t see adding Spanish as replacing learning any other language offered at College, rather as adding to the options available. The more options there are, the more likely boys will choose to learn a language.’’ Acting Head of Modern Languages Department Steve Everingham says “We know that learning a language

gives boys more opportunity in life and has a direct impact on their income earning potential. By having language as well as other skills, they put themselves ahead in the globalised labour market. This is not just anecdotal, there are statistics to prove it.’’ Another impact of learning a language is the opportunity it gives boys to go on an exchange to a range of different countries, says Mr Everingham. “There is no doubt that an exchange gives the chance to really come to grips with the language more than a cultural exchange and students find they make huge strides and improvements. It is not always easy at first, but I have yet to hear anyone say they did not enjoy the experience and improve their language skills.’’ College is considering joining the Round Square organisation, says Mr Everingham. This international organisation which currently has 150 schools registered, has as its ideals internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, opportunities, leaderships skills and service to the community. This makes learning a language even more relevant as boys then have the opportunity to travel around the world to giving service to communities and benefiting from conferences, exchanges and service activities.


College Issue 31 2016

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