College – Issue 31

GARTH WYNNE From our Executive Principal

Any effort to capture, at a single point in time, the vibrant energy of Christ’s College is fraught. This is as a consequence of the huge array of experiences that are in place from day to day, week to week, month to month and term to term in this wonderful school. There is a sense at College of non-stop engagement and that is very much reflected (to the extent that is possible) in the pages of this edition of College. I wish to acknowledge the contributors who have been involved in creating these wonderful stories. It is the staff and boys, parents and members of the wider College community who live and write the narrative of a College life laid out in the pages to follow. In my first six months as Executive Principal, I have been blessed by the warmth of the Canterbury weather and the welcome I have

received to the diverse community of College. It has been an affirming time as I have begun to understand the real affection in which this institution is held by its people. My travels have opened my eyes to the beauty of this wonderful country and inspired me to the importance of my role as we consider all that is best for the future of College, an institution that has such significance within New Zealand and the world.

Please enjoy College . It is a momentary glimpse of all that College has to offer.

Garth Wynne Christ’s College Executive Principal

Christ’s College Magazine Issue 31, 2016

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