College – Issue 31

a lot of time to organise. Repairs to the hall ceiling also meant we had to rehearse at Rangi Ruru. It was great when we got back into the hall because things started to really come together and the students realised we had something powerful going on.’’ Alongside Henry and the romantic lead, Cassie Henderson, there were seven key actors for the storyline. This meant the directors tried to make sure everyone else had a cameo role. The chorus which was on stage for much of the time provided vitality and energy. Mr

Chambers says it took time for the students to realise just how important the chorus was.

“It was a very busy production,” he says. “Everyone had three roles which kept them on their toes as they had to constantly be preparing for upcoming scenes, changing costumes and microphones. “It was a supreme effort from Henry Rolleston who played two roles, Good Joe and Bad Joe. There were only three short times when he wasn’t on stage and he had to run to his personal dresser to change costumes for both these roles. Costume designer Mandy Dickie painstakingly worked out every single costume change along with Year 12 Rangi Ruru student Jocelyn Brady. They did an incredible job.’’ The team was delighted with the response to the show which was a near sell-out and extra seats had to be put in on several nights. “We get great support from the Christchurch community as we have a good reputation for our productions,’’ says Mr Chambers. “There is no doubt we go the extra mile because we want the students to experience the trials and excitements of making something bigger than themselves. As the production team, we help prepare, but come 7.30pm, apart from the musical directors, Nick Sutcliffe and Janet Kingsbury, what you


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