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VALUES Thought Leaders at College

The inaugural Thought Leaders address earlier this year was the first of a series of events run by College to encourage community engagement in topical issues affecting education, students and the environment in which we live. All students, parents and members of the community are invited to attend these events.

From left: Jonty Brackenridge, Justin Ferrell and Neil Porter

Justin Ferrell,

says. Creative confidence says if you want to create something unique or innovative, you have to be prepared to do something differently. Justin says “Many people don’t believe they are creative because often in the past someone will have told them that they can’t draw or paint or that they are just not creative. But at the, for us it is not about having artistic ability, it’s about trying something different,

showing work that is not finished, doing something you don’t think you are good at. That’s what we mean by creative confidence.’’ Justin was a career journalist who worked for seven years for the Washington Post, most recently as the director of digital, mobile and new product design. He brought mobile designers and programmers into the newsroom and enabled collaborative teams of reporters and

Justin Ferrell from the at Stanford University gave an address to boys, parents and friends of College called “Creative Confidence and the benefits of being people focused”. It looked at some modern thinking around design and coming up with new ideas. Being creative is not necessarily a light-bulb moment, rather it is a systematic process, he


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