College – Issue 31

NGANE PUNIVAI Deputy Head Prefect 2016

It was a steep learning curve in the art of delegation for 2016 Deputy Head Prefect Ngane Punivai.

He admits that delegation doesn’t come easily to him and he didn’t enjoy having to ask other people to help him out when things got really busy in the first term. However, he is quick to point out that now he has built on this and learned an important new skill. “I did expect that my level of responsibility would increase as the term went on, but I wasn’t aware of just how much that would be,’’ says Ngane. “But we have a great bunch of prefects and when Gus (Head Prefect) was away with rowing, they all stepped up and filled roles that Gus or I would have taken. It was good for them though as it gave them more opportunities for doing things. “I am growing into my role and adjusting to the responsibility. My main role as deputy is to help out Gus and to respect where he is at.

If he feels tired or overworked, I step up and involve the prefect group a lot more, so it is not just about Gus and me.’’ Like all head and deputy head prefects, Ngane has had to make special efforts with his time management. His summer sport of athletics did not really take up too much of his time, but he says his school work suffered at first, although he now has that under control. But he knows that as captain of the First XV, he has to make a special effort to keep things in balance over the period of the rugby season. Rugby is his passion. While it means he doesn’t get a lot of free time he says he never gets tired of it.

“I love playing for College,’’ he says. “I love the chance to get out and get amongst it. It’s a release from school and duties and playing with the mates you go to school with is different from being in a club. I’m allowed to play for both College and a club and they are both so different in culture.’’ Ngane is the oldest of five siblings who, with his parents, have kept him “grounded and motivated’’. “My parents have done a lot for me and they were really pleased when I got the role as deputy head prefect. I see taking on this role as a chance to give something back to them for all that they have given me.”


College Issue 31 2016

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