College – Issue 31

THE QUADRANGLE Reunions Reports

20 Years On (1996-2000)

We then reconvened around the corner at my house for an afternoon of reminiscing until the evening event held at the popular King of Snake restaurant on Victoria Street. With wives and girlfriends in tow, our group had grown to 55 or more. The enjoyment of the evening for this group of Christ’s College’s finest grew, even though, rather amusingly, we were limited to wine by the glass. Off to find bottles rather than glasses, a large number of our group headed to The Dirty Land Bar where we stayed until the wee hours of the morning. It was no surprise that the weekend was a huge success and a testament to the comradeship of our year group. I would like to thank all those who made the effort to attend. Looking forward to the 30 Years On reunion!

This year’s 20 Years On reunion group was one of the largest from this age group that College has seen at Reunion Weekend. This seemed to be on-trend for us as we broke records at school too. We were the last team to win the Boys’ High match and were also the year with the largest number of expulsions. Happily, many of these didn’t bear a grudge and so we welcomed more than 40 Old Boys from the United Kingdom, Australia and all over New Zealand. The Cocktail Party was an eye opener as many had not seen one another for 15 years. It was great catching up, sizing up each other and learning how successful many had become. The large Flower’s House contingent enjoyed catching up with BDL, who hasn’t changed since the day we started. We joined forces with the 30 Years On group and continued the evening at the new RSA, eventually ending up at The Bog Irish Pub. This was an indication on how big the night was. The excitement of that first night was too much for one of our year’s premium prodigies, who did not reappear until Sunday. Saturday started with many weary faces at the school tour. Photos were followed by lunch and refreshing drinks in the Dining Hall, where many gained their second wind. Back Row: Fraser Hutchinson, Alexander Edmond Fourth Row: Edward Mason, Sam Kain, Tom Inglis, Stuart Winter, John Ussher, Bryan Hawarden, Samuel Anderson Third Row: Jono Blyth, Richard Houston, Henry Gresson, Willie Wilder, Joe Murphy, Andrew Rutherford, Lance Newell Second Row: Luke Balmforth, Willie Millton, Hamish Murray, Matthew Hooper, Felix Vavasour, Hamish Lough, Sam Cowdy, James Hadley Front Row: Robert Bell, Cameron Dyer, Andrew Gilchrist, Ben Woodhouse, Luke Rees-Thomas, Sam Clouston, Toby Raine

Sam Cowdy (12018)

30 Years On (1986-1990)

Having now passed the old age of youth (40) and, with what we’ve been assured is the youth of old age (50) to look forward to, our bunch came together looking for familiar faces in what turned out to be the 20-year-on group. No such luck. However, we did dispatch those whipper-snappers in a 15-man boat race and enjoy a great couple of days together. Whilst there was only a few of us, we were happy and comfortable in each other’s company and resolved to generate a better showing next time round. Back Row: Jules Adams, George Forbes, Duncan Bridgeman, Hamish Kirke, Graeme Campbell, Craig Aitken Second Row: Jeremy Pitts, Tom Evatt, Richard Mowat, Ben Gordon, Sam Zino, James Riley, Matt Latham Front Row: Matthew Kerr, Nigel Pryor, Aaron Robinson, Ben Scott, Angus Wilson, Nick Mills

Nick Mills (10605)


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