College – Issue 31

50 Years On (1966-1970)

way to end an enjoyable weekend – many, many thanks to the Monts. Thank you to all of you for your efforts to attend. It really was great to catch up with every one; our year group had the best representation. Let’s do it again in 10 years time.

Bene tradita, bene servanda.

Neil Smith (7903)

60 Years On (1956-1960)

It seemed very apt that the 50 Years On reunion should start in the corner of the Quadrangle by the Dining Hall and Harper House with the Friday night Cocktail Party. Every Monday morning, a meeting was held here after lunch between a very serious group of dayboys and boarders to discuss the events of the weekend and who was likely to be going to see the Headmaster because of those events. It was a very pleasant evening, very warm, so no surprises when Justine said we broke the record for the number of bottles of amber fluid consumed. Saturday’s school tour was excellent followed by a fine lunch of beautiful rare beef that was nothing like ye old roast beef of our lunches 50 years ago. But of course, nostalgia ain’t like it used to be. A great turn out attended drinks and an evening meal at the Casino. Amid heckling from the back stalls, and to the amusement of the assembled crowd, John Guthrey (7834) regaled us with his recollections of College days, rugby and academic studies. One of our group, Phillip Richards (7888), must have worn his starched collar backwards in another life as he gave the sermon at the Sunday morning service which was very well received. The highlight of the weekend was Sunday lunch on a perfect day at the home of Stephen (7868) and Charlotte Montgomery. It was a wonderfully relaxing Back row: Ed Wylie, David Hewson, Simon Thodey, Peter Fisher, Leslie Smart Fifth row: Alastair Dunbar, Jim Fitchett, Stuart Kennedy, David Denham, Rob Allison, John Parkes Fourth Row: Paul Lawrence, Peter Bruce, Andrew Butler, John Waller, Don MacDonald, Philip Richards, John Stewart Third Row: Bill Kingston, Michael Martin, Tim Gould, Mick Strack, Neil Smith, Hugh Butler, John Hamilton Second Row: Philip Kerr, Gordon Legge, Garry Neil, Sam Robinson, Phillip Cochrane, Michael Pearson, Simon Louisson, John Turnbull Front Row: Gary Skerten, Stephen Creese, Richard Chisholm, Tony Cridge, Sam Rutherford, Richard Macdonald, Alastair Inman

Our 60 Years On reunion was held the last weekend in February 2016 with 25 of us (six only with ties – how times have changed) posing for the official photo. Our tour of the College fell into disarray during the visit to the boarding house when memories of five years boarding surfaced and grew in significance, giving credence to the adage “the older we get the better we are”. On Saturday evening we met for dinner at the Canterbury Club where we were provided with splendid food and ample refreshment. George Connor (6503) assumed the responsibility of guest speaker and his well-chosen words were much appreciated. The evening was great fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. The Sunday lunch at Speights Ale House allowed for a change of atmosphere where ales, lies, and more lies abounded. It was a great afternoon where friendships were renewed and rivalries remembered. As a mark of reunion success, and notwithstanding the effect of several ales or our possible demise, it was agreed to hold our next reunion in five rather than 10 years. Back row: Michael Crane, Jon Parson, Gilbert Kimberley, David Pennell Third row: Simon Martin, George Connor, Frank Davison, Charles Ruddenklau, Michael Bayley, Patrick Cooney Second row: Preston Bulfin, Mike Vernon, Rick Greenslade, John Hume, Simon Stamers-Smith, Jon Neilson, John Ellis, Jeremy Burdon Front row: John Armstrong, John McCurdy, Tony Banks, Roger Atkinson, Mark Savill, Richard Francis, James Fraser

Mike Vernon (6579) and Simon Martin (6540)


College Issue 31 2016

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