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The Joe Studholme Memorial Vintage & Classic Car Day

About 25 assorted classic cars assembled around the Quad just after 9am on Sunday 21 February, and like the drivers and their passengers, some were not that old, whereas others were definitely in the veteran class including this author! I tallied four Bentleys, eight or nine Jaguars, a Ferrari Dino, a very quick Morgan, plus Joe’s Alfa Romeo, Jensen 541R and Mark Two Jaguar. These last three were driven by the Studholme sons – Hamish (9770), Alistair (9513), and John (9383), two of whom flew in from Australia especially. There were other interesting cars, of course, and a Bristol 401 was probably the most rare. First port of call was Ray Larsen’s place at Ohoka, where he had assembled his marvellous collection of classic cars - many Jaguars including XK’s 120, 140 & 150 - really a sight for sore eyes. Also a couple of beautiful C-type replica Jaguars - a stunning one owned by a UK collector, John Butterworth, who was present. Next we set off, more or less in convoy, for Birch Hill Station up towards the Ashley Gorge. The precious machinery was parked under trees in the spacious ground while we inspected the garden and a memorial to the staff and horses of Birch Hill Station who lost their lives in World War I. The memorial was built in 1936 by the then owner Lt Colonel Edward Millton. We had our picnics in the garden overlooked by the large Hurst Seager homestead, now in private

ownership. Derrick Millton (7728) gave us a brief history of the Millton family and the station. Edward and his wife had no children and for many years his Sunlight League ran Birch Hill homestead as a haven for children who were orphaned by World War 2. It was known then as the Ford Millton Memorial Home, one of the original health camps established in the 1940s by Cora Wilding. The home was closed in

1985 due to high running costs and isolation. The weather was perfect and a great day out was had by nearly 70 people with a final count of 32 cars. Our grateful thanks to the organisers Martin Vincent (7240) and Rod Buchanan (7530), and to Derrick Millton.

Tim de Castro (5571)

Michael Norris (6924) and Richard Owen (6063) in the Jaguar XK8

John (9383) & Sue Studholme, Tim (5571) & Vanessa de Castro in the Jaguar Mark II

Lance (12087) & Katie Newell in the Model A Ford Roadster

Andrew Bain (12158) and Jeremey Evans (11713) in the Morgan

Harris Memorial Collection This collection is still going strong and donations from Old Boy authors or publishers are most welcome.


College Issue 31 2016

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