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Magical Memories Our Time at Disney World

of what the Magic Kingdom has to offer. My advice for anyone planning a vacation of their own to Florida is to look into buying a Halloween pass.

“You can’t put a price on wonderful memories.”

Nicole and I have always

been conscious to give our kids great experiences as they grow up. We want to give them memories they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives

This is maybe the best-kept secret to beat the crowds at Disney World. On certain dates in the fall leading up to Halloween, they let those with Halloween tickets stay at the park after hours. This cuts crowd sizes significantly and is a really exclusive experience. Being able to walk around the park in the cool of the evening is a great bonus, too. We did this last year and had a blast! Since we’re going to be in Florida in the peak of summer, we’re planning to try something new to beat the heat. For the first time, we’ll be testing out one of the Disney water parks, flying down water slides and bobbing in the wave pool. It won’t just be a new experience for the kids but for Nicole and me, as well. Here’s hoping they don’t have any water-themed roller coasters! In all seriousness, we’re very lucky to give our kids these kinds of moments in their formative years, especially doing something that was so important to my wife in her childhood. You can’t put a price on wonderful memories. Whether your summer is spent at home or abroad, I hope you get a chance to create many great memories with the people you love.

and moments that will help shape who they are as people. Unfortunately for me, my wife and kids really enjoy the experience of roller coaster riding.

Being shunted this way and that while speeding down a rickety track is not my ideal way of spending time at an amusement park. But when it comes down to it, I’m outvoted 5–1 every time. I end up screaming and hollering right along with Zach, our youngest. So I’m mentally preparing myself for another summer of coasters, because the family is packing our bags this month to head down to Disney World. My reason for going to Florida was to attend a conference on law office management. But my wife’s family is in Fl orida, and she’s one of the biggest Disney fans there is, so there was no question we’d have to go to the Magic Kingdom. When she was growing up, Nicole’s family went to Disney World almost every year. While we don’t manage to go quite as often, we are still very much a Disney family. My wife’s love of the movies and theme parks has been passed on to the kids. So we’ve become experts at getting the most out

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